Encouraging women’s entrepreneurship

The Isabelle Musy Award aims to encourage women’s entrepreneurship in the field of science and technology.

Isabelle Musy 2023 Award

The Musy Award is granted every two years and is worth CHF 50,000.-.

It is awarded to a woman from a university in Latin Switzerland (French or Italian-speaking Switzerland) and living in Latin Switzerland whose entrepreneurial qualities and dynamism can serve as an example to all women in the field of science and technology.

The award rewards a woman

  • who has an entrepreneurial project in the field of high technology,
  • from a Latin university (from French or Italian-speaking Switzerland),
  • and domiciled in Latin Switzerland.

The prize is intended as an incentive to encourage the creation of technology companies by women. The company must not yet have been created.

Meet the winners of the 2023 edition

Angela Madurga Alonso – Ananke Therapeutics

Angela Madurga Alonso, co-founder of Ananke Therapeutics, has the first curative treatment for cardiac fibrosis, a deleterious event that occurs after an attack on the heart (heart attack, hypertension, etc.) and considerably alters cardiac functions.

Shanaz Diessler – SleepSensor

Shanaz Diessler, founder of SleepSensor, has developed a new system to help diagnose sleep disorders using a film made up of various sensors placed on the mattress.

Meet the winners of the previous editions

Clara Moldovan – Swistor (2020)

Swistor’s goal is to develop and commercialise an electronic component for electrical energy storage called a supercapacitor with unmatched energy density and power.

Margaux Duchamp – ArcoScreen (2020)

The microfluidic system developed by ArcoScreen facilitates the discovery of new drugs for diseases such as certain cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular diseases.

Agnès Petit – MOBBOT (2018)

2018 edition: For its third edition the prize was awarded to Agnès Petit for her start-up project MOBBOT. See the press release (in French): le Prix Musy soutient un projet en béton.

Sandra Sulser – Biome (2016)
Sandra Sulzer 

Edition 2016 : The 2016 Isabelle Musy Prize was awarded to Sandra Sulser, for her project BioMe, at the EPFL Alumni Seednight on 21 April 2016.

Verónica Ponce de León – Innovation Therapeutics (2014)
Veronica Ponce Leon

Edition 2014 : The Isabelle Musy Prize was awarded on 19 November 2014 to Verónica Ponce de León, genetic engineering researcher for her Innovation Therapeutics project.


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