EPFL Startups in creation

DescriptionSectorProject LeaderExec.Summary
AdaMuSimplifying music composition by bringing new technologies to creatorsICTFlorian Colombo📰
AeroSpecUsing infrared spectroscopy for in-depth aerosol air pollution analysisCleantechNikunj Dudani📰
AnakeFirst curative treatment for cardiac fibrosis – via CAR-NK engineered cellsBiotechAngela Madurga Alonso and Mathieu Girardin📰
CassioPMaintenance-free, powerful, and accessible femtosecond lasersEngineeringAntoine Delgoffe📰
CondensationNext-generation database ensuring data ownership, security, and integritySoftwareAlex Mouradian
ConsultoThe world’s first virtual clinic specialising in team-based care for patients with complex health needsICTBaher Higazy and Basem Higazy
DNAQuraCyUnprecedented accuracy for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparationCleantechAndrey Chernev
ElythorLow-cost, high-precision energy infrastructure inspection through a morphing droneEngineeringHarry Vourtsis and Nathan Müller📰
FiberLabImproving the quality of life for those with chronic wounds thanks to personalized care in their homeMedtechBastien Schyrr📰
LevoA platform to empower startups and SMEs to grow into sustainable businessesICTLaure Manueddu
DiveaCapturing CO2 emissions at their source through nanoporous graphene membranesCleantechKarl Khalil and Mojtaba Rezaei📰
MechagelGround breaking adhesive hydrogel for the treatment of knee cartilage lesionsMedtechPeyman Karami📰
NanodecoderFast, cheap, on-site molecular-based anti-counterfeiting and authenticationEngineeringChan Cao, Zhidian Zhang and Sailan Shui
NostoiPersonal teaching assistant that allows students to upload their slides, lecture notes, readings and provides them personalized explanations for the concepts they don’t understandICTVeniamin Veselovsky
SIMORGHAutomatic and high precision Acoustic Emission–MicroSeismic monitoringEngineeringMomeni Seyyedmaalek
SolevaSolar electric vanCleantechCurdin Wüthrich
SynatureAI-based system that can audio detect wildlife in real-timeEngineeringOlivier Stähli and Miya Ferrisse
Time DesignersConceiving the next generation of watches, designed for curious mindsEngineeringPierre-Amaury Anton
NavintisThe first flow-directed magnetically-steered microcatheterMedtechLucio Pancaldi-Giubbini and Ece Ozelci
SeaStemShaping a healthier planet by empowering sustainable seaweed productionCleantech Mathias Baumann📰
naialabsAt-home finger-prick test which can measure the most important biomarkers for immune diagnosticsBiotechGrégoire Michelin, Hon Ming Yip and Evan Olson
Maven HealthImproving global health through personalised metabolic health predictions enabling early-stage preventative careBiotechChristopher Wall📰
Intuitive ScienceEmpowering tomorrow’s great minds to solve global challenges through accessible science educationEdtechAustin Peel📰
ThotAccelerating scientific discovery through data sharing, collaboration, and accessibilityICTBrian Carlsen📰
AirCurve MedicalMachine vision-guided endotrachael intubation technologyMedTechAndré Mercanzini and Patrick Schoettker
CellTherapyHigh throughput intracellular delivery enabling gene and cell therapyBioTechMiguel Solsona
DewiImproving self awareness of mental health with data predictive modelingMedTechMarliawaty I Gusti Bagus
InSituStreTechProviding accurate and reliable in-situ stress data required for safe carbon capture and storageCleanTechAlex Horvath
MIROS TechnologyInteractive robotic surfaces to build reconfigurable, modular and interactive spacesEngineeringFabian Zuliani and Neil Chennoufi📰
REMAOpening up access to cost-effective and high-quality green hydrogen through a membrane-less electrolyserCleanTechSteven Schenk and Ioakeim Sioutis📰
WasteFlowImproving recycling processes through a learning-based AI vision systemCleanTechValentin Ibars📰
ProtonicaMaking proton therapy accessibleEngineeringVeronica Leccese and Benoît Truc

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Anake, REMA and MechaGel receive an Innogrant

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted three awards of CHF100,000 each to three future EPFL startups: Anake has developed a breakthrough therapy which they hope will cure cardiac fibrosis, REMA aims to revolutionize the way we produce green hydrogen, and MechaGel has developed a new minimally-invasive method of repairing cartilage damage.

© 2022 EPFL

Elythor, AeroSpec and Beyond Scroll receive an Innogrant

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted three awards of CHF100,000 each to future EPFL startups Elythor, AeroSpec, and Beyond Scroll. The first startup project has designed a new drone to inspect and monitor long linear structures such as powerlines, bridges, and railways, the second aims to protect human health by analysing the make-up of air pollution, and the third has created a new method to compress hydrogen – a gas which has the potential to be a major factor in slowing down climate change.

© 2022 Proud Tech

A 100k FIT Tech Seed Loan for PROUD

— To meet the growing demand in high-tech items, PROUD is designing the next generation of semi-conductors using diamond layers. The patented technology developed at EPFL solves the cooling problem of current silicon semi-conductors. With the Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), the start-up will pursue the technology scale-up and the prototype’s development. 

© 2022 TWIICE

A 100k FIT Tech Seed Loan for TWIICE

— Founded in 2020, EPFL startup TWIICE designs modular exoskeletons for the lower limbs that enable paralysed people to stand up and walk again. The Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) will allow the startup to conduct the clinical trial for its exoskeleton leading to its commercialisation in 2023 in Europe, Canada, and the US.

© 2022 EPFL

Swistor and IsoSpec Analytics granted by EPFL Startup Launchpad

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted two awards of CHF100,000 each to future EPFL startups Swistor and IsoSpec Analytics. While the former startup project enables high-energy and ultra-fast charging energy storage devices (supercapacitors) with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, the later is looking to reduce the time new drugs reach the market through optimising early-stage development.


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