EPFL Startups in creation

The startups listed below are currently in the pre-seed stage and are receiving support from, or incubating at, EPFL.

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DescriptionProject Leader(s)Executive Summary
CircelecEco-friendly printed circuit boards for recyclable smart tagNicolas Fumeaux and James Bourely📄
ConstructibleSoftware that improves the renovation process by speeding up the energy modeling of existing buildings and automating the engineer’s workflowLancelot Graulich and Antoine Filali📄
DiveaCapturing CO2 emissions at their source through nanoporous graphene membranesKarl Khalil and Mojtaba Rezaei📄
ECHONovel catalyst for hydrogen generation using ammonia decomposition with affordable and durable propertiesKevin Turani-I-Belloto📄
InSituStreTechProviding accurate and reliable in-situ stress data required for safe carbon capture and storageAlex Horvath📄
PitchMeSmart blade pitch-control solutions to enhance vertical-axis wind turbine performance and lifetimeSébastien Le Fouest📄
REMAOpening up access to cost-effective and high-quality green hydrogen through a membrane-less electrolyserSteven Schenk and Ioakeim Sioutis📄
SolevaSolar electric vanCurdin Wüthrich
WasteFlowImproving recycling processes through a learning-based AI vision systemValentin Ibars📄
DescriptionProject Leader(s)Executive Summary
AutomateFacilitates laboratory automation by providing access to modular robotVincenzo Scamarcio📄
HelixHuman comfortable around robots. We are working at the first commercial-grade soft manipulator.Francesco Stella📄
NovovizSingle photon detectors with on-chip computational capabilities – platform for photon counting cameras with increased speed and reduced system costAndrada Muntean and Andrei Ardelean📄
ProtonicaMaking proton therapy accessibleVeronica Leccese and Benoît Truc📄
SIMORGHAutomatic and high precision Acoustic Emission–MicroSeismic monitoringMaalek Momeni📄
SynatureAI-based system that can audio detect wildlife in real-timeOlivier Stähli and Miya Ferrisse📄
DescriptionProject Leader(s)Executive Summary
Intuitive Science
Empowering tomorrow’s great minds to solve global challenges through accessible science education
Austin Peel📄
DescriptionProject Leader(s)Executive Summary
BCellOneHigh throughput intracellular delivery enabling gene and cell therapyMiguel Solsona and Blandine Vergier📄
Inkocell TherapeuticsFirst curative treatment for cardiac fibrosis – via CAR-NK engineered cellsAngela Madurga Alonso and Mathieu Girardin📄
Maven HealthImproving global health through personalised metabolic health predictions enabling early-stage preventative careChristopher Wall📄
naialabsAt-home finger-prick test which can measure the most important biomarkers for immune diagnosticsGrégoire Michielin, Hon Ming Yip and Evan Olson📄
DescriptionProject Leader(s)Executive Summary
AirCurve MedicalMachine vision-guided endotrachael intubation technologyAndré Mercanzini and Patrick Schoettker📄
DewiImproving anxieties with data predictive modelingMarliawaty I Gusti Bagus📄
Dexterous CathetersRe-thinking cardiac ablation procedures with innovative smart catheters, boosting success rates and reducing surgery timeYegor Piskarev📄
FiberLabImproving the quality of life for those with chronic wounds thanks to personalized care in their homeBastien Schyrr📄
Helix ScreenNext Generation Sequencing (NGS) to understand how the active genes (mRNA) in a patient’s cell changes and thus identify the right treatmentYueyun Zhang📄
HepaVueSoftware as a medical device – Muscle density analysis for predictive incident disease, focus on liverGaby El Alam and Maxime Nachit📄
MechagelGround breaking adhesive hydrogel for the treatment of knee cartilage lesionsPeyman Karami📄
NavintisThe first flow-directed magnetically-steered microcatheterLucio Pancaldi-Giubbini and Ece Ozelci📄
NeosensRevolutionize early-stage Neonatal Sepsis diagnosis in low and middle income countriesMarco Fumagalli, Karim Zahra and Mateo Hamel📄
DescriptionProject Leader(s)Executive Summary
AlbloomsNext generation photo sharing appPatrick Schönmann📄
ConsultoThe world’s first virtual clinic specialising in team-based care for patients with complex health needsBaher Higazy and Basem Higazy
LevoA platform to empower startups and SMEs to grow into sustainable businessesYann Costa📄
PatentGemPatent mapping for infringementPrakhar Gupta📄
Syre.aiAccelerating scientific discovery through data sharing, collaboration, and accessibilityBrian Carlsen📄
UnkiRevolutionize travel planning, making it seamless and personalizedAlexandre Reis De Matos and Gabriel Veigas Marques📄

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Alblooms, HepaVue and NovoViz supported by the Startup Launchpad

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has just granted an Ignition Grant of CHF 30,000 to Alblooms, and two Innogrants of CHF 100,000 each to HepaVue and NovoViz.

© 2023 EPFL

Two Ignition grants for Scidentify and ECHO

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted two Ignition grants of CHF30,000 each to EPFL-based startup projects Scidentify, which aims to irradiate acute myeloid leukaemia, and ECHO, which is dedicated to advancing a low-carbon society.

© 2023 EPFL

Anake, REMA and MechaGel receive an Innogrant

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted three awards of CHF100,000 each to three future EPFL startups: Anake has developed a breakthrough therapy which they hope will cure cardiac fibrosis, REMA aims to revolutionize the way we produce green hydrogen, and MechaGel has developed a new minimally-invasive method of repairing cartilage damage.

© 2022 EPFL

Elythor, AeroSpec and Beyond Scroll receive an Innogrant

— The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted three awards of CHF100,000 each to future EPFL startups Elythor, AeroSpec, and Beyond Scroll. The first startup project has designed a new drone to inspect and monitor long linear structures such as powerlines, bridges, and railways, the second aims to protect human health by analysing the make-up of air pollution, and the third has created a new method to compress hydrogen – a gas which has the potential to be a major factor in slowing down climate change.

© 2022 Proud Tech

A 100k FIT Tech Seed Loan for PROUD

— To meet the growing demand in high-tech items, PROUD is designing the next generation of semi-conductors using diamond layers. The patented technology developed at EPFL solves the cooling problem of current silicon semi-conductors. With the Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), the start-up will pursue the technology scale-up and the prototype’s development. 


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