The Station

 Where startups meet, share and learn

About The Station

 The Station is a unique hub located at the heart of the SwissTech Village, it is a unique go-to place for students, startuppers, and innovators passionate about entrepreneurship. It’s the perfect place for like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds—including students, scientists, business advisors, engineers, designers, and investors—to meet, build, and grow within an inspiring community.

What we offer

Join a vibrant and diverse group of student entrepreneurs and startuppers. At The Station, you have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and develop your ideas alongside peers who share your passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Station provides an array of physical spaces to fuel your creativity and productivity:

  • Workshop Spaces: Perfect for hands-on creation and experimentation.
  • Meeting Rooms: Ideal for brainstorming and strategy sessions.
  • Ideation Areas: Designed to help you refine and evolve your innovative ideas.
  • Affiliated Student Associations and Future Leaders Programs: Gain exclusive access to specialized resources and support through these programs.
  • Startup Programs and Workshops: Engage with our comprehensive events like Changemakers, Blaze, and the Startup Workshop Series, designed to propel your project to new heights.

Receive a daily dose of inspiration from a community that’s as driven as you are. The Station is dedicated to feeding your entrepreneurial spirit and pushing your ideas beyond the boundaries.

Our Programs for Students Entrepreneurs

EPFL Changemakers

Changemakers is our incubator program for students starting their entrepreneurial journey. The program is designed to develop your skills and bring your idea into implementation.

EPFL blaze Startup Accelerator

Blaze is EPFL’s acceleration program for fast-track startups. The program is designed to advance leading student startups to successful market entry.

Upcoming Startups Events


Whether you’re a student entrepreneur or an established startupper, The Station welcomes you to be part of a thriving ecosystem where ideas meet execution. Come and experience where startups meet, share, and learn within the dynamic EPFL startup community.

Your contact at The Station
Jana Obeid, 
Program Manager

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Av. Louis Favre
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