Meet 2022 Trailblazers III

11 tech startups have been selected for the third edition of Blaze!
Trailblazers have been specially selected for their potential for rapid deployment, their distinctive technology, and their defined aspiration for societal impact.

Startups’ fields of application range from SaaS, Blockchain, Traveltech, SpaceTech, Construction, HRTech, Nutrition and Health, and Sustainability.

Over the course of the three-month program, the founders took their technology to the next level, made their initial and growth deployments, and differentiated their companies.


Airsync is a bidirectional (two-way) data transfer between your data tools. Edit content in one tool, it will modify in the other tool and vice-versa. Airsync streamlines your business processes thanks to easier (self-serve), more robust and more accessible (no-code) data manipulation workflows. At Airsync we bring different tools to speak to each other.

Founders are Ruben Burdin and Benjamin Esmilaire. 

Unlocking behavioral insights from video calls.

Virtuosis is a SaaS aiming to improve team collaboration and well-being at work. Our AI analyzes your voice to predict mood and communication skills during video calls.

Founders are Lara Gervaise and Edoardo Giudice. 


Eatten (formerly called Yuzu) helps people who want to lose/gain weight, stay motivated and reach their goals in record time through gamification and personalized coaching.

Founder and CEO is Tim Itten.


Fleeps (previously Pindex) allows you to create your own guided tour in a few clicks.

Founders are Xavier Pantet and Timothée Duran. 

Vegelys develops an indoor spirulina grower, fully automated, which will serve cups of spirulina, the same way a coffee machine is serving a cup of coffee.

Founder is Antoine Vittet. 

Keyvian (formerly called Krypt) is a mobile app serving as a “crypto” community hub : our vision is to create a platform dedicated to crypto-related information sharing.

Founder is Nicolas Filimonov. 

Voltiris transforms greenhouses into power plants without impacting plant’s growth. 

Founder is Dominik Blaser. 

WILLIFT is a device that aims at improving upper-limb mobility, to help patients in their daily tasks and rehabilitation.

Founders are Ramez Iskandar, Amaëlle Bidet and Clément Lhoste. 

REON provides automated reuse assessment of building components and construction materials as a service.

Founders are Maria Sivers and Adam Swietek. 

A fully autonomous flying robot that makes sure anything you send up, comes back landing exactly where you want it to land.

Founder is Yohan Hadji. 

UniDress App is a digital platform that allows student communities to sell, repair and rent their wardrobes on campus. Its encourages the reduction of individual environmental and social costs.

Founders are Marion Blanch and  Lucie Vanhollebeke

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