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We help bringing users closer to your technology.

Benefit from collaborating with talented designers, developers and engineers to take your project to the next level.

Because we believe a compelling prototype is more impactful than any slide in your pitch deck.

You have a clear startup vision based on a novel and scalable technical solution.
You have a working technology and a targeted primary market.
You have a strong connection to a hosting EPFL lab.

We finance design projects and help you find the right experts to create your prototype. You can bring in a designer to join your startup project – industrial, UX/UI, graphic, video. Via the Enabled by Design platform we help you find the right designer and provide you with the tools to reach your goals.

You tell us:
When your technology is working, and you are developing an advanced proof of concept or a MVP. When you need to reach out to users and customers – the earlier, the better !

How can I find out more
Get in touch with the Startup Launchpad – together we’ll discuss whether support with design and prototypes is right for your project. If it is, we’ll invite you to apply and pitch your project. 

Enabled by Design


Founded in 2019, Metaphysiks Engineering SA is a spinoff merging the expertise of the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab & the Robotic Systems Lab at EPFL.

Shade Me

Shade Me is a decentralized smart blind system developed by Yujie Wu at the Solar Energy and Building Physics laboratory of EPFL.


Urbio’s mission is to help key players in the urban energy transition to discover the most effective solutions to achieve their environmental and economic objectives.

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