Meet 2022 Trailblazers IV

Picture Aurelie Schick, EPFL 2022
Team of the fourth edition in 2022 @The Station at EPFL

The fourth edition of blaze has been completed  with 6 promising startups created by highly motivated student-entrepreneurs!

They have shown a rapid deployment potential, distinctive technology and an aspiration for societal impact! During their journey with blaze, they could benefit from the support of leading industry partners, cutting-edge technology experts and experienced designers. 

Meet them 👇


Appstract hopes to open the world of music to everyone 🎼!

The two co-founders Achraf Berrada and Thibaut Stoltz have developed a new form of e-piano – one which makes learning to play as easy as a game 🎹 The piano is connected to a screen which uses lights and colour to teach people how to play music. The piano also offers players the opportunity to play music with their friends, learn from experts, or create their own scores. 
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Creating Bridges empowers young workers to create a better and more sustainable world through their work. The next working generation are increasingly looking for value- and purpose-driven work.

The Creating Bridges team formed by Lila Wolff and Nicolas Jimenez have developed a platform to connect students with sustainable startups, international organizations and companies who offer temporary, remote projects where they can learn and have a real impact. They will soon expand the team so if you want to join them, do not hesitate to get in touch with the founders.

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 kitEx can help you to unleash your creativity, foster your personal growth and discover new passions through “Do It Yourself” kits.

kitEx-diy – co-created by Alexis Favre and Diogo Valdivieso – makes DIY easy by providing a marketplace which offers creative kits and comprehensive video tutorials. Whether you want to make your own cheese or build your radio… your next passion is on kitEX. Each kit is designed to engage, entertain, and educate – whether you’re eight or eighty. They offer different starter packs which come complete with everything you need to complete your project together – including simple, easy to follow online tutorials!

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Synature aims to protect biodiversity and promote the coexistence of animals and humans through AI-based acoustic monitoring. If we want to protect wildlife populations, it’s essential we know where they are and the challenges they face.

The team formed by Miya Ferrisse, Olivier Stähli, Noah Schmid and Adrian Joerg has developed a smart microphone which allows rangers and researchers to map the location of animals without interfering with their natural habitat.

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Typeless is an app created by Maxime Vidal, Dana Ghosn, Aurelien Morel and Matthieu Le Cauchois. They’re aiming to revolutionise teamwork communications on the field thanks to AI-powered voice messaging.

Instead of relying on traditional communication channels, with Typeless, workers can connect with each other on the move. The app allows them to use audio messages at work in an efficient way: it transcribes them, translates them into other languages, makes it easy to search and offers keywords for those in a hurry. Typeless brings teams together, wherever they are in the world.

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If you’ve ever misplaced something important (haven’t we all?) then Unlost team can help you!

Unlost reunites people with their lost items, quickly and safely. After registering on the app, users will receive a tag for their precious items. If they misplace it and it’s found, the tag can be scanned and the owner will be notified immediately. The tags are secure, they don’t track your location, and don’t reveal any personal information. Perfect for the more security conscious among us! Here is their App (on Instagram)  and LinkediN @unlost/

The team brings together Omar El Malki, Mounir Raki and Hassan Habib; Hamza Hassoune and Jean-Etienne Charbonnet