Connecting innovative ventures to savvy investors

The exclusive EPFL Investor Day, taking place on Tuesday 10 December 2024 on EPFL campus, will bring together the broader investment community to connect with their peers and engage with the most innovative tech startups from Western Switzerland.

EPFL Investor Day

On the day

  • Startups pitches
  • One-to-one meetings
  • EPFL discovery lab tours
  • Plenary with keynotes and roundtable
  • Startup and accelerator village
  • Networking breaks

The event is on invitation only and open to the broad investment community and to tech startups.

The event is on invitation only.

If you are an investor or a tech startup based in Western Switzerland and would like to be part of this exclusive event, we welcome you to claim your entry by reaching out to us.

Please write to us at [email protected] to request an invitation.

  1. Nurture your network and build valuable relationships – connect with fellow investors and engage with entrepreneurs
  2. Explore investment opportunities in tech startups – attend pitch sessions
  3. Discover the future disruptive technological trends – gain insights into emerging technologies and market trends

EPFL Investor Day will take place at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The SwissTech Convention Center is one of the largest conference centers in the Lake Geneva region hosting events of international fame. This majestic building is distinguished by its modernity, its innovative technologies and a warm and experienced team.

SwissTech Convention Center
Quartier Nord EPFL
Route Louis-Favre 2
1024 Ecublens – Switzerland

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Innovation is crucial to Switzerland’s prosperity, with a zest for science and entrepreneurship playing a key role. It’s only when research results or good ideas find their way into the market that new jobs are created, or solutions are developed for social and technological progress.

UBS has a long tradition of cooperation with research, targeted promotion of training and further education, and support for entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

That’s why we are proud to partner with EPFL to organize Investor Day.

A thriving start

In its inaugural year, Investor Day attracted over 700 participants, including venture capitalists, corporate innovators, family offices, startup founders, and accelerators.

The exclusive event took place at SwissTech Convention Center on the EPFL campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Wednesday 8 November 2023. It brought together the broader investment community to connect with their peers and engage with the most innovative tech startups from Western Switzerland.

Over the course of the day, investors and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to connect, explore investment opportunities, and discover future disruptive technological trends.

Gallery EPFL Investor Day 2023

The event is organized by the Vice Presidency for Innovation at EPFL, in partnership with UBS.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the event.

📧 [email protected]

📞 +41 21 693 14 07

Startup Ecosystem

EPFL emerged as a pioneering institution by establishing the first Innovation Park in Switzerland with a track record of over 500 tech startups – a unique place for investors willing to unleash technology and science by investing in innovative startups.

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