Meet 2021 Trailblazers

7 student tech startups have led the first edition of EPFL Blaze!

Trailblazers have been specially selected for their potential for rapid deployment, their distinctive technology, and their defined aspiration for societal impact.

Through the intervention of industry partners, technology experts, and senior designers, EPFL TrailBlazers have been offered all the tools they need for a successful market deployment, and with it, the potential to break all market expectations.

The startups

BIoT is developing a technology based on IoT, data analysis, and artificial intelligence to track devices indoor and improve efficiency between actors of complex organizations.

The startup is led by co-founders David Compain (CEO), Andrea Veneziano (CTO) and Pierre Bouquet (COO). 

Datacie, SoundMap and BioT receive a fit digital grant of CHF 20’000 each, Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique, July 2021
BioT remporte le 10ème START Lausanne Contest,, May 2021

Crypties is a cryptocurrency exchange company that targets swiss retail stores.

The startup is led by co-founders Gauthier Vila (CEO), and Hugo Roussel (CTO). 

Crypties receives a CHF 20’000 digital grant, EPFL Actu, February 2021


ENEL is developing a solution that transforms old generation electricity meters, such as those found in most developing countries, into smart communicating meters, in a few minutes, at a tenth of the price.

The startup is led by co-founders Sami El Bouari (CEO) and Hassan Lantry (CTO). 

ENEL wins Prix du Jeune Entrepreneur 2021,, June 2021
En 2021, le prix du Jeune Entrepreneur récompense le projet ENEL, Ambassade de France en Suisse June 2021

Green Future is building an eco friendly and small scale logistic schema that serves local producers and distributors.

The startup is led by co-founders Jules Courtois (CEO) and Mohamed Khadri (CTO). 

Hikane is a Startup developing a device for blind and visually impaired people.

The startup is led by co-founders Ausilio Raphaël (CEO) Karam Valentin (CTO) and Tarasi Tristan (CEO). 

Limoo is creating social cohesion through multicultural food and making healthy eating available to students and families by connecting culinary talents from around the world to their host communities.

The startup is led by co-founders Fatemeh Ghadamieh (CEO) and Alireza Amirshahi (CTO). 

H2Tech helps companies make the transition from fossil fuel energy supply to hydrogen.

The startup is led by co-founders Sameer Delaporte and Thibault Brun.