Meet 2021 Trailblazers II

7 tech startups have been selected for the second edition of EPFL Blaze!
Trailblazers have been specially selected for their potential for rapid deployment, their distinctive technology, and their defined aspiration for societal impact.

Startups’ fields of application range from SaaS, Luxury, Wellness and Health, and Sustainability. During the course of the 3-month program, founders will bring their technology to a next level, proceed with their initial and growth deployments, and set their companies apart.

NanoDecoder’s bionanopore-based platform enables fast on-site authentication based on molecule decoding, offering trace and authenticate products from producer to retail.

The startup is led by co-founders Nathan Sierro (Business and Finance), Zhidian Zhang (Product and Business Development), Chan Cao (Research and partnership development).

Time Designers brings innovation to the watchmaking industry.

The startup is led by co-founders Pierre Coutaz (CEO), Marius Paganel (Encapsulation Engineer), Guillaume Bonneau (CTO), and Nour Tnani (Software Engineer).

Oniri (ex Capture) is a mobile application for dream journaling, dream interpretation and lucid dreaming.

The startup is led by founder Jean-Baptiste Beau (CEO).

Percent Labs builds a tool that helps managers organize and keep track of their projects.

The startup is led by co-founders George Fotiadis (CEO) and Angelika Romanou (CTO).

Resilio helps organisations achieve their sustainable IT transition.

The startup is led by co-founders Rosendo Mañas Faura (COO), Amael Parreaux-Ey (CEO), Jennyfer Steiner (Analyst), and Astrid Dhénain (Analyst).



Armonia Analytics is startup specialized in data analytics and IA consulting. Our goal is to bring artificial intelligence and data analytics closer to businesses.

The startup is led by co-founders Julien Adda and Raphael Attias.