Accelerate your project

We believe successful entrepreneurs need to be fully dedicated to their startup project – it can’t be a side job! 

With an Innogrant, you’ll have up to one year dedicated to accelerating your startup project and getting ready to spinoff.

The CHF 100K grant is intended as a salary for the future startup founder, for a maximum duration of one year

You will need to be hosted in an EPFL Lab where you will be incubating your spinoff. 

You have a clear startup vision based on a novel and scalable technical solution. 
You have demonstrated your technology in a lab.
You have market traction.  
You have a clear plan on what you need to achieve in the next year. 
You have a strong connection to a hosting EPFL lab

First and foremost, the Innogrant is an entrepreneur grant –
convince us that you are motivated, show us that you can execute and deliver. 

Secondly, we are looking for innovative technology with the potential to make a real impact. What is novel about your technology? What problem are you solving? Why is this important?

Thirdly we are looking for a startup vision with a real promise. What is the market need? How feasible is your project plan?

Firstly, start by telling us more about your project through this online form. This is the starting point for all our support.

If the Innogrant is the right support for you and your project, we’ll invite you to apply and pitch your project to the Innogrant committee who will make the final decision.

Since 2005, Innogrants have  financed more than 148 teams and helped to create 110+ startups. 
Meet all our Innograntees. 


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Vice Presidency for Innovation
EPFL Innovation Park J
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