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Blaze is EPFL Accelerator for fast-deploying startups. The program is designed to forward leading student startups up to a successful market launch.

Early 2021, EPFL launched BLAZE, EPFL Accelerator for fast-deploying startups.

The three-month accelerator program is designed to forward leading student startups up to a successful market launch. We transform founders into leaders, projects into startups, and potential into flawless execution.

Blaze supports startups with the potential for rapid deployment, based on a distinctive technology, and a defined aspiration for societal impact.

Throughout the program, startups receive launch funding, dedicated coaching and access to an international network.

Through the intervention of industry partners, technology experts, and senior designers, EPFL TrailBlazers are offered all the tools they need for a successful market deployment, and with it, the potential to break all market expectations.

What you get:

  • A personalized support until launch, including expert coaching
  • A wider Swiss Network and access to a strong startup community
  • Up to CHF 10,000 of non-dilutive funding

The program takes place twice a year but you may contact us at anytime. We would advise you on the right timing for joining the Accelerator, and help you with all you need.

Start date for the next cohort: 7th of March 2022

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The program brings a unique value-gain for your project through three pillars: funding, business & technology boost, and international network.

More specifically, Blaze is a three-month accelerator program that gives you access to:

  • Up to CHF 10,000 through the Blaze Grant, to finance a first commercial deployment ;
  • Professional workshops on business, marketing and finance to guide the construction of your corporate documentation;
  • Personalized coaching from industry experts, tech researchers, and senior designers to ease and perfect your market launch ;
  • Business network with leading Swiss entreprises and investors, with which you will deepen your industry knowledge and discuss potential business and financing opportunities;

In addition, you would be recognized as an EPFL Startup, become part of an active community of EPFL entrepreneurs, and gain a unique market credibility.

Blaze prepares you to become a professional founder.

The program gives the training, the business formation and the tools to meet the most pressing market expectations.

By the end of the program, you can expect your startup to be incorporated, with a funnel of clients and/or business partners, and possibly engaged in active conversations with early-stage investors.

You may deploy with a finalized version of your solution, an extended business network, and a solidified data room of corporate documents.

EPFL Blaze Accelerator is designed for startups projects from all industries, built by EPFL, Unil, or EHL students or young alumni, and in need for a last-mile push towards a successful market launch.  
More precisely, the accelerator supports startups built by students, characterized by a fast-deploying technology, a validated and scalable market business model, and a defined aspiration for societal impact. 
We favor: 
  • Startup projects built by a team, of which at least one leading co-founder is an EPFL, Unil or EHL student;
  • With a sound launch plan, ready for Swiss incorporation within 6 months after selection to program;
  • A confirmed market traction, and ready for market launch within 3 to 6 months after selection to program;
  • With a fast-to-deploy technical solution, of which a first working prototype has been built;
  • A fast and scalable business model, with a potential to become a leading international startup;
NB: Blaze is an intense professionalization program. It requires up to 5-7 hours of weekly dedication on your part.
Allocation of resources are dependent on your ongoing attendance and on the quality of the work performed.
Please only apply if you are willing to commit to the program workload.

No. Actually, Blaze can only support unincorporated startup projects, or startups only registered in personal name at the time of admission into the program.

It is highly recommended! We believe in the power and the value of working in teams. Structuring responsibilities and roles between team members is a core aspect of the program learnings.

This also applies if your co-founders are not EPFL students or staff.

If you meet the criteria above, you may contact [email protected] with the following information:

  • Email Subject: « BLAZE Startup Application – YourName for YourStartupName;
  • A short blurb about your cofounding team and your company, describing your offer and your current achievements (first customer(s), grants raised, product, etc.);
  • Your interest and needs in joining Blaze;
  • A few slots for a first introductory call;
  • Please attach to the email an executive summary or a short deck presenting your startup;
  • CAUTION: please respect a limit of 150 words, or we would not read your email.

You will then be contacted by the program manager for fixing an introductory call to discuss your project. The next steps will be explained during the call.

No, Blaze does not offer academic credits.

Blaze trains entrepreneurs and boost the launch of startups. The program is reserved for EPFL students with a big drive to move their project to the market, and is independent from EPFL studies.

At the startup Unit, we highly encourage any new startup idea and its development into a viable company. We are always happy to help and support you to reach your objectives. 
You may be a little too early or deep tech for EPFL Blaze, but many other programs are here to guide you towards a successful launch! You may check a few here: 
  • Changemakers
  • PDM in your Startup
  • Courses at the School of management 
  • DLL
  • SKIL
  • Ignition
  • Innogrant
We are also always available for a 30-min consulting call on your project. 

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