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Inspire curiosity and passion for science in children

EPFL is deeply involved in efforts to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and to inspire girls and boys and their families by showcasing the breadth of possibilities in scientific fields. As a federal university, EPFL has the great privilege to help shape the STEM educational landscape across Switzerland and positively influence its perception.

Charcoal portrait to illustrate the Coding Club for Girls

Coding Club for Girls

The Coding Club for Girls’ objective is to encourage 11-16-year-old girls to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) helping them develop Information and Communications Technology skills that will contribute to their success in further studies. Through in-person workshops and an online platform, this programme is offered in French and German speaking parts of Switzerland for girls. Girls have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a scientific mindset and practice coding in an environment that strengthens their confidence.  Members of the Coding Club for Girls receive mentoring, and if interested, can be supported to identify future study opportunities and types of roles in STEM, a professional field in which Switzerland faces a shortage.

Charcoal portrait to illustrate The Euler Course

The Euler Course

The Euler Course is a unique math program created at EPFL. It has been running successfully for over 10 years and offers highly motivated 10-18-year-old girls and boys the opportunity to practice math at a higher level than is offered at school to unlock their potential. These children are nurtured by math and science teachers, as well as by PhD students, and offered opportunities to meet other children who share their passion for mathematics. 

This course, which is well attended by motivated French-speaking children within travelling distance to Lausanne, fills a gap in which talented children are supported to progress at a pace that suits them. 

Invitation to partner

Supporting EPFL’s student community to have the best possible learning journey is central to our school. By nurturing today’s bright minds, we help work towards finding solutions for a sustainable future. Play your part in shaping the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow. Join us and become a patron of the Student Support Program.

You could enjoy some of the following benefits :

· Naming rights to an excellence fellowship (Bachelor and Master) ;
· Receiving exclusive invitations to meet the beneficiaries of the Program at the annual thank you event in the presence of the President of EPFL or senior management ;
· Receiving invitations to Student Support Program events ;
· Receiving copies of the Student Support Program Impact Report ;
· Acknowledging your support in EPFL’s online Annual Report and on our website, and in our Student Program Impact Report unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at [email protected].

EPFL is committed to attracting talent by offering students Excellence Fellowships enabling individuals who have the passion and drive to succeed, to dedicate themselves to their studies by being supported financially for the duration of their course.

EPFL students need to be equipped with holistic skills to succeed in our rapidly evolving society. The following initiatives support students to stretch and enhance their transferable skills while consolidating their knowledge.

EPFL is committed to supporting talent by offering enrolled Bachelor and Master students Hardship Fellowships which enable individuals facing difficult times to dedicate themselves to their studies by receiving an ad hoc financial support.