Summer in the Lab internship program

EPFL offers its students a unique opportunity to join a research internship program and spend their summer in one of the School’s labs. Between June and September, why not enhance your practical experience and undertake real research with distinguished professors?

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The Summer in the Lab internship program aims at creating a bridge between education and research by offering 2nd or 3rd year EPFL Bachelor’s students a summer internship that will sharpen their focus, strengthen their CV and allow them to immerse themselves in real research.

The Summer in the Lab internship program is a unique chance to…

…discover or confirm interest in research

…obtain a real taste of the challenges and accomplishments linked to scientific research

…understand what a research career entails and prepare for it

…expand knowledge, learn new techniques and develop new skills

…gain experience in a cutting-edge lab and boost career prospects

…work and interact with first-rate researchers

Why choose this program?

As a participant of the Summer in the Lab internship program, you will spend two months in an EPFL lab of your choice. The School has around 500 cutting-edge labs and research groups across science, technology and engineering, giving you the opportunity to explore your interests with dedicated mentors. You can either choose to come with a specific project agreed upon in advance with an EPFL professor or pick three preferred labs where you would like to work.

Throughout the program, you will also benefit from a selected range of interpersonal training workshops to develop your skills. Focusing on the acquisition of transversal skills, these workshops will help you empower yourself to work well with others, improve your abilities to pitch your ideas and to cultivate passion and resilience throughout your scientific career.

Last but not least, you will enjoy your summer around social activities organized with a community of EPFL interns that works hard but also plays hard!

Kathryn Hess Bellwald

With the Summer in the Lab program, students can gain a more realistic and deeper view of their field of studies. I believe that having such an internship on one's CV typically expresses their motivation and potential to stand out and prove that they are eager to acquire practical experience but also that they are open-minded and willing to develop their transversal skills.

Kathryn Hess Bellwald, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Outreach

Calendar and timeline

The full-time internship lasts eight weeks between June and September. The exact start and finish dates are to be agreed with the lab. The internship takes place on-site in the agreed EPFL lab, which is located either in Lausanne (main campus) or in one of the associated campus in Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Geneva or Sion.

The Summer in the Lab program includes two compulsory interpersonal training workshops. It concludes with a research symposium in September, attended by all interns and their supervisors.

Summer in the Lab in short

  • A selective internship program with about 25 EPFL students each summer
  • Eight weeks of research experience between June and September (exact dates to be determined with the lab)
  • A total scholarship of CHF 4,000 provided to candidates selected
  • A transversal skills development training program tailored to scientists
  • A public presentation of the interns’ work during a research symposium
  • An official certificate of completion of the Summer in the Lab Excellence Program conferred with the Bachelor’s degree

Eligibility and application

If you feel ready to join the program, make sure that you are eligible and prepare your application.

Research internship

Dive into the world of research with an eight-week internship in an EPFL laboratory.


Join the transversal skills trainings and get key competences in leadership and scientific communication.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Student Support Program

Summer in the Lab is an initiative of the Student Support Program, an EPFL philanthropic opportunity supporting students in their personal and professional development. It is part of the axis Equip talent, allowing the next generation to stretch and enhance their transferable skills while consolidating their academic knowledge.


We warmly thank the Domaine de Villette Foundation for their support towards our students.


For further information on the Summer in the Lab internship program, please contact us:

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