Integration mountain retreat

One of the most valuable elements of The McCall MacBain Leadership Development Program is to create a community of engaged and responsible future leaders.

The mountain retreat is the perfect occasion to kick start your EPFL journey with a group of like-minded fellow scholarship recipients and form a close-knit community. This is also the opportunity for self discovery – where you are going as a person with purpose and mission, find the balance between your energy and intelligence and furthermore gain new insights of high performance towards excellence.

2024 mountain retreat:

  • Date: Monday 2 September – Thursday 5 September, 2024
  • Location: Chamonix, France

The four day mountain retreat includes:

  • Physical activities (fit for everyone!)
  • Personal/group coaching
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Purpose hike
  • Reflective learnings
  • Workshops on the importance of well being

This is an all expenses paid retreat as part of the leadership program – lodgement, all meals, equipments for outdoor activities, and transportation from EPFL campus to Chamonix, France and back.

*Please note students who are enrolled in the leadership program need to commit to this mountain retreat.

Slow Down to Accelerate

The core message of this mountain retreat focuses on the 5 Levels of Intelligence and Energy (5 Es) for high performing future leaders. We will dive into these topics in more details through content, action, and reflection, with experts and guides throughout the journey. This immersion will also give you solid ground and skills as students to build up your academic curriculum.

Intellectual – Deeper understanding of IQ and other Qs in order to connect these insights to your leadership development as well as its reflections to daily practice.

Emotional – Self awareness and other transversal skills. Better understanding how to connect with yourself and others.

Physical – The impact of sleep, nutrition and physical fitness on performance and well being. Better understanding how to manage energy and recharge batteries.

Spiritual – Ability to organize sustainable self-reflection and boost cognitive resilience.

Luca L.

The mountain retreat was for me a truly unforgettable experience that laid the first brick of my new life at EPFL. I got the chance to connect and create very deep links with amazing people in a very small timeframe while doing a lot of activities. The coaches organized the activities in such a manner as to help us dig deeper into ourselves while giving us the opportunity to help and support each other.

Luca L., Microengineering student