How to choose a program

Choosing a field of study is an impactful decision. Here are several orientation tools to guide you in your choice.

Orientation tools

Thematic orientation tool

Are you interested in climate change? Energy questions? Health issues? EPFL engineers have a crucial role to play in such fields. Find out how each specialist at EPFL can contribute to these themes.

Curriculum comparison tool

This decision support tool allows you to compare study programs and highlight the differences in order to find the appropriate curriculum that will best suit your aspirations.

Ludic image quiz

Would you like to have a quick idea of the programs that might interest you at EPFL? Let this ludic image quiz be your guide and discover the curricula you seem to have the most affinity with.

EPFL, university of applied science, or university?

Although some study programs may seem similar, it is important to be aware of all their specificities in order to make the most appropriate choice according to your priorities.


Information days

Prepare this event by gathering information about the study programs you are interested in on this website. During the Information days, you will then have the chance to ask all your questions, practical and academic, to students and staff.

Forums and information sessions

During these events, you will have the opportunity to discuss the different possibilities of academic studies with EPFL representatives.

Tips & tricks for future students

  • Gather information on
  • Consult the brochures that are available at the guidance offices, where you can also arrange a meeting with a counsellor for further information or a personal guidance meeting
  • Don’t miss the forums and information sessions that are regularly organized by high schools or by the cantons during cantonal orientation forums
  • Complete internships that will give you insight into the reality of the professions

And don’t forget: we are best at what interests us most!

Follow your interests and avoid making a choice based on the economic situation: no one can predict the state of the economy by the end of your studies.