Why choose this program?

EPFL is a School where students develop skills and knowledge in engineering, basic science and architecture, but it is also a place that offers unparalleled opportunities to explore beyond one’s curriculum.

As a Laidlaw scholar, you will be part of an exclusive community of 1,000+ fellows who thrive to excel and create positive change.

The Laidlaw Program supports your professional and personal growth. It will cultivate your talent, passion and motivation through research, leadership training, and networking opportunities all along your journey as a Bachelor student at EPFL.

The program highlights

  • Research internship for eight weeks in an EPFL lab during the first summer.
  • Leadership-in-Action experience for six to eight weeks during the second summer.
  • Invaluable development of leadership skills through a well-designed leadership training program which includes an ethical leadership dimension.
  • Opportunities to build a solid network and meet other leaders thanks to various events organized by the Laidlaw Foundation.
  • Cultural awareness and possibilities to work on international projects in an unusual context.
  • Real world challenges and opportunities to tackle real problems and make an impact on society.
  • Generous scholarship to support the student’s ambitions.
Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay

The purpose of the program is to encourage and develop future leaders in any field of activity. Looking around the world’s business and political leaders I can’t recall a time when better leaders were more urgently needed.

Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay, Chairman


Scholars in the program are individually guided through the Laidlaw journey. At first, the program management team will be available to help each candidate through the application process. It will assist participants in planning their internship projects and overcoming challenges.

Each scholar will have an academic supervisor for the research internship. The support of the academic supervisor will help the scholar acquire new tools, skills and knowledge in the lab but also outside as they could become an essential companion in the development of the scholar’s education at EPFL.

The Laidlaw Scholars Network is also a collaborative and lively platform that keeps all scholars, supervisors, faculties and partners connected with each other. Scholars can find academic members to work with, passionate alumni who can become mentors, peers with whom to share thoughts, and professionals who can advise and help them advance in their career.


A scholarship amount of CHF 7’000 is allocated to the selected candidates for the whole program (assuming eight weeks of research internship and six weeks of Leadership-in-action project). The terms of payment are defined by the EPFL.

Travel and research related expenses are covered by the program to support the Leadership-in-Action internship in and outside of Switzerland.


For further information on the Laidlaw Program, please contact us:

[email protected]

Centre Midi – CM2 348
Station 10
CH – 1015 Lausanne

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