Eligibility criteria

No, you must have successfully completed the 1st year of your Bachelor’s degree (propaedeutic year) at the time of registration.

Unfortunately, 1st year Bachelor students are not eligible. This program is offered to students in the 2nd or 3rd year of their Bachelor’s degree only.

No, the Summer in the Lab program is only intended for regular EPFL students.

Yes, EPFL students who are in exchange can apply for the program as long as they are back in Lausanne for the start of the internship during the summer holiday.

Please note that if you are in exchange and you do not hold a Swiss citizenship, a proof of registration with the municipality where you will be residing during the internship will be required to establish the hiring contract.

The program is very competitive. Therefore, we only encourage students with an overall average grade above 5 to apply.

Yes, we accept students in this situation, as long as they pursue the Master’s degree at EPFL and not in another institution.

Application form

Yes, applications can be submitted in either French or English. However, it is advised to submit your documents in English if the laboratory Head that you have selected are not French-speaking.

The cover letter will be sent to the laboratories for your placement. You may write three different paragraphs in one letter or choose to write three separate letters.

In the latter case, please assemble them into a single pdf for the upload of the application package. We will separate them and distribute them to each concerned laboratory.

No, we will directly contact them with the necessary instructions.

Nonetheless, it is preferable that you inform them in advance so that they are not surprised by the process.

Yes, it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your reference letters before the application deadline.

You can check the status of your references via the application form, once it has been validated.

Yes, you can ask a professor to write you a reference letter. It is advisable to choose references who know you well and who can provide you with a good reference letter.


The SIL internships must be exactly eight weeks long. Interns can agree on a longer duration with the laboratory. However, remuneration will only be granted for eight weeks.

Exceptions for a shorter internship might be made depending on the hiring laboratory.

The start and end dates of the internship are flexible as long as they are after the end of the spring semester and before the beginning of the fall semester according to the EPFL academic calendar.

The dates should be defined with the laboratories according to their availability.

Interns are entitled to four days off during the two-month internship. These days off must be taken in agreement with the laboratory.

Participation in these workshops is strongly recommended.

All interns are expected to attend the closing symposium where they will present their internship work.