Sport Technology Labs

ASPG Applied Signal Processing Group 
BIOROB Biorobotics Laboratory
CCLab Composite Construction Laboratory
CNBI Defitech Chair in Brain-Machine Interface
CSS UNIL-EPFL Sports and Health Center 
CVLAB Computer Vision Laboratory 
eM+ Laboratory for Experimental Museology 
EPFL+ECAL Lab EPFL and ECAL Design Research Center
ESL Embedded Systems Laboratory 
FIMAP Laboratory of Photonic Materials and Fiber Devices 
HERUS Laboratory for Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems
ICLAB Integrated Circuits Laboratory
IIG Immersive Interaction Group
INDY1 lnformation and Network Dynamics Laboratory 1
LASA Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory
LASUR Laboratory of Urban Sociology
LBO Laboratory of Biomechanical Orthopedics
LCAV Audiovisual Communications Laboratory 
LDS Laboratory for Data Security
LGC Behavioral Genetics Laboratory
LISP Laboratory of Integrative Systems Physiology 
LMAF Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Reliability Analysis 
LMAM Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement
LMTS Soft Transducers Laboratory
LNCO Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (Chaire Fondation Bertarelli de neuroprosthétique cognitive)
LPAC Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites
LPSY Laboratory of Psychophysics 
LQM Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism
LSBI Laboratory of Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces 
LSIR Distributed Information Systems Laboratory 
LSM Microelectronic Systems Laboratory
LSMS Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory
LTS2 Signal Processing Laboratory 
MAKE projects – Interdisciplinary projects supported by the EPFL
MMSPG Multilmedia Signal Processing Group

NANOLAB Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory
REHAssist Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics
RRL Reconfigurable Robotics Lab 
SCI-STI-MM Multimedia Group
TOPO Geodetic Engineering Laboratory
UPAMATHIS Prof Alexander Mathis Group
UPMWMATHIS Bertarelli Foundation Chair of Integrative Neuroscience
UPSALATHE Prof. Salathé Group (SV/IC)
VITA Visual lntelligence for Transportation