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The mission of OES within the MTEI is to conduct world-class research and teaching at the intersection of operations, economics and strategy, as it relates to organizations and their interactions.

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Optimal Mating of Precision Components in Manufacturing

— In the January 2021 issue of Operations Research Letters, Prof. Weber presents a new method for robustly matching random parts with the smallest possible error. The method is useful for selective assembly systems typically employed in high-precision assembly such as in the watch and automotive industries, where the input tolerances often exceed the allowable output tolerances. For example, when assembling a simple electrical oscillator, its resonance frequency depends on the characteristics of the capacitor and inductivity in the circuit, both of which may be subject to uncontrollable variations. To still achieve a low-tolerance resonance frequency, it is possible to group the constituent parts into multiple bins, each with smaller variations, to then match the parts among corresponding high-precision matching classes. Prof. Weber’s results provide a solution for how to bin the assembly parts optimally, minimizing the maximum absolute deviation from a given criterion (such as the resonance frequency of the electrical oscillator in our example).

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8th Annual Deloitte OES Prize for Improving Restaurant in Morges

— The 2020 Deloitte OES Prize for the best student project in Prof. Weber’s graduate course “Operations: Economics and Strategy” was awarded to Manon CAMOUS, Gabriel FEUERWERKER, and Clément HONSBERGER. The Deloitte OES Prize competition, which involves finding operational improvements in local businesses, has been held each year since 2013. The 2020 edition represents the 8th year of uninterrupted cooperation between Deloitte and the EPFL Chair of Operations, Economics and Strategy.


The Doctoral Program EDMT just launched its first Newsletter

— The new EDMT newsletter aims at informing alumni, prospective applicants, and current participants by highlighting recent events, achievements, and other newsworthy items.

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