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The mission of OES within the MTEI is to conduct world-class research and teaching at the intersection of operations, economics and strategy, as it relates to organizations and their interactions.

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Sabrine Boumelala (Deloitte), Arsenii Gavrilenko, Quentin Le Guennec (Deloitte), Edmond Toutoungi (Deloitte), Nils Hasselmark, Hugo Parent-Leduc, Thomas Weber (EPFL).

9th Deloitte OES Prize for Optimizing “Co-Working” at Cafetaria Niki

— The 2021 Deloitte OES Prize for the best student project in Prof. Weber’s graduate course “Operations: Economics and Strategy” has been awarded to Arsenii GAVRILENKO, Nils HASSELMARK, and Hugo PARENT-LEDUC. The Deloitte OES Prize competition, which involves finding operational improvements in local businesses, has been held each year since 2013. The 2021 edition represents the 9th year of continuous cooperation between Deloitte and the EPFL Chair of Operations, Economics and Strategy.

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Building Sustainable Products – Creating Lasting Impact

— In the second edition of the master’s course Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering (IEE) – jointly offered by STI and CDM – students responded to industry challenges, building prototypes in teams and analyzing the viability of businesses. Under this year’s theme of “Sustainable Technology” six teams of 3-5 students competed, each developing a product prototype, a business plan, and an impact assessment for at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations.

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Nomination of the new directors of the doctoral programs EDFI & EDMT

— The College of Management of Technology is pleased to welcome one new director for its doctoral programs: Prof. Pierre Collin-Dufresne for the Doctoral School in Finance (EDFI). Prof. Thomas Weber's directorship for the Doctoral School of Management of Technology (EDMT) has been renewed for a second term.

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