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The mission of OES within the MTEI is to conduct world-class research and teaching at the intersection of operations, economics and strategy, as it relates to organizations and their interactions.

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New Results on the Design and Pricing of “Smart Products” in JMIS

— The current issue of the Journal of Management Information Systems, an FT50 top journal, features Prof. Weber’s latest research on collaborative consumption. In the article “How to Market Smart Products: Design and Pricing for Sharing Markets,” he outlines strategies for product design, aftermarket control through sensing, and flexible nonlinear pricing for smart products. This work is the fourth in a series of results on the sharing economy published in JMIS since 2014. The paper further details how product intelligence can help companies generate economic value and how they can extract an optimal portion of that value from heterogeneous consumers.

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Michael Mark Wins INFORMS Best Student Paper Competition

— At the 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting, Michael Mark, a PhD Student at the Chair of Operations, Economics and Strategy, was invited to the finals of the Best Student Paper Award in Finance. With the presentation of his paper, “A Reinforcement-Learning Approach to Credit Collections,” he impressed a jury composed of industry experts and faculty, emerging as the only winner in the strong field of this year’s competition. A honorable mention went to Rohit Arora, a PhD student at McCombs School of Business (University of Texas, Austin).

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Michael Mark Finalist of the 2020 INFORMS Student Paper Competition

— The paper “A Reinforcement-Learning Approach to Credit Collections,” co-authored by Michael Mark, a PhD Student at the Chair of Operations, Economics and Strategy, Prof. Naveed Chehrazi (Olin Business School, Washington University), and Prof. Thomas Weber, has been selected as a finalist of this year’s INFORMS Student Paper Competition in the Section on Finance. Michael is scheduled to present the paper at the upcoming INFORMS Annual Meeting, on November 9.

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