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B. Working Papers

“Population Sampling in Dynamic Health Care Policy”
(with Lauren Cipriano) R&R, Management Science.
Finalist, 2014 POMS College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Competition.

“Optimal Information Collection Policies in a Markov Decision Process Framework”
(with Lauren Cipriano, Shan Liu, Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert) Under Review.

“A Robust Resolution of Newcomb’s Paradox”
Under Review.

“Efficient Dynamic Allocation with Uncertain Valuations”
(with Abhishek Bapna) R&R, Games and Economic Behavior.

“Constructing Efficient Equilibria in Games Played Through Agents”
(with Bruno Strulovici) Under Review.

“Value of Information and Speculative Co-Investment”
Under Review.


“The Endogenous Value of Information”
Doctoral Thesis, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, April 2003. [Advisor: Prof. Paul R. Kleindorfer]

“Constrained Predictive Control for Corporate Policy”
Master’s Thesis, MIT, September 1997 [Advisor: Prof. Alexandre Megretski]

“New Model Predictive Control Techniques for Stabilizing Systems under Constraints”
Diploma Thesis, Imperial College London, June 1995 [Advisor: Prof. Richard B. Vinter]

Doctoral Students

Bruno Strulovici: “Essays in Mathematical Economics and Finance” (2005)
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Northwestern University

Abhishek Bapna: “Essays in Mechanism Design” (2006)
Position: Google

Hongxia Xiong: “Coordination and Inventory Management in Supply Chains” (2007)
Position: DemandTec

Claire Tomkins: “Allocation and Pricing of Water Resources” (2008)
Position: Partner, Ackrell Capital (formerly: Director of Research, Carbon War Room)

Naveed Chehrazi: “Identification and Optimization of Stochastic Systems” (2013)
Position: Assistant Professor of Operations Management, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

Lauren Cipriano: “Optimal Information Collection for Dynamic Health Policy” (2013)
Position: Assistant Professor of Management Science, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario

Maryam Razeghian: “The Economics of Sharing Markets” (2017)