Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute


The Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute has been created to foster research and to offer strong programs in the fields of management of technology, entrepreneurship and public policy.

The institutes participates in several teaching programs:

Fields of Competences

  • Optimization
  • Business analytics
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • Management of innovation
  • Technology commercialization
  • Operations & Supply chain management
  • Innovation policy
  • Intellectual property rights policy and regulation
  • Science and technology policy
  • Transportation and mobility policy and regulation
  • Energy policy and regulation
  • Telecommunications policy and regulation
  • Information society and digitalization policies and regulation
  • Urbanization policy
  • Environmental policy and regulation
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Meet a professor – Negar Kiyavash

— Associate Professor Negar Kiyavash joined the College of Management of Technology in fall 2019 and holds the chair of Business Analytics (BAN). As the newest faculty member, she has accepted to answer a few questions.

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EPFL launches new classes in management and finance

— Starting in September 2020, Bachelor’s students will have the option to take new classes in management and finance. Offered by the College of Management of Technology (CDM), these classes are designed to equip future engineering graduates with broad, versatile skillsets.


Digesting the shocks: how supply chains are adapting to COVID-19

— As the world grapples with the human and economic crisis unravelling before us, supply chains are finding themselves squarely within the public eye and experiencing unique challenges of their own.

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Congratulations to Dr. Sebastian Maier for his new faculty position

— Dr. Sebastian Maier has been appointed to the position of Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor) in Statistical Science at University College London (UCL). His appointment in the UCL Department of Statistical Science will start in June 2020.

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A protective film to protect the faces of nursing staff

— The Helvitek Start-up is modifying its development to adapt to the COVID-19 health crisis by offering a protective film mask protecting healthcare personnel from lesions from the prolonged wearing of FFP2 and N95 masks.


Redesigning pharmaceutical R&D landscape for post-COVID-19 economy

— The College of Management of Technology is proud to contribute again to the launch of a new platform within the Enterprise for Society Center, connecting researchers of the 3 partenering institutions (UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL). In this platform, CDM Faculty member Prof. Dominique Foray explores (with UNIL colleague Prof. Annamaria Conti and IMD Prof. Goutam Challagalla) the pharmaceutical R&D landscape for the post-COVID-19 economy.

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COVID-19: Insights from Innovation Economists

— Innovation economists at the College of Management of Technology have published a report on the COVID-19 crisis. It covers topics such as: why is society investing so little on vaccine research? What roles do patents play in this crisis? How can we assess the short term policy (over)reaction in re-allocating so much funding to this field? And finally what are the lessons for the future?

Picture taken on February 3, 2020 © EPFL / Alain Herzog

EPFL launches a series of projects to combat the Coronavirus crisis

— EPFL researchers have been working for weeks to help fight the pandemic and mitigate its short- and long-term consequences. Studies are already under way on methods to stem the spread of the virus, diagnose the disease and discover a vaccine. EPFL researchers are also part of an EU initiative called PEPP-PT to develop an app that can identify people who have been in contact with a coronavirus carrier. Hackathons are yet another element of our School’s effort to combat COVID-19.

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“Some networks are more crisis-resilient than others”

— Matthias Finger, an EPFL professor of network industry management, does not foresee water and power supply problems in Switzerland, even with the country in lockdown. But internet access could prove more challenging.

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A smart bra for detecting early-stage breast cancer

— EPFL students teamed up with startup IcosaMed to develop the SmartBra – the first piece of smart clothing that can be used for cancer prevention.

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