Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute


The Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute has been created to foster research and to offer strong programs in the fields of management of technology, entrepreneurship and public policy.

The institutes participates in several teaching programs:

Fields of Competences

  • Optimization
  • Business analytics
  • Economic Analysis
  • Technology & IP Policy 
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • Management of innovation
  • Technology commercialization
  • Operations & supply chain management
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Learning to “sell” a prototype designed in just a few weeks

— For the last four years at EPFL, a Master’s course jointly run by the College of Management of Technology and the School of Engineering has been winning over students seeking a course that meets the needs of local industry.

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Learning about the economy: effort and satisfaction are key

— The College of Management of Technology offers courses in the humanities and social sciences that are becoming increasingly popular. Bachelor students from other faculties are eager to join. Reactions.

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Mastering multiple complexities in the Swiss innovation models

— A new report written by Prof. Dominique Foray and co-authors from ETHZ and FNWS entitled "Mastering multiple complexities – a rising challenge for Swiss innovation models" analyzes the decline in innovation activity in Switzerland over the past two decades, particularly in SMEs, and explores the reasons behind it, as well as suggesting possible implications for innovation policies and further research needs.

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Performance is Relative: Implications for Robust Decision-Making

— A new research paper by Prof. Weber on “Relatively Robust Decisions” examines decisions which attain the best relative performance across many random scenarios. The results, published in the January 2023 issue of Theory and Decision, a leading journal in the field of Decision Science, provide structural insights on this important decision-making problem.

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Prototyping Sports Tech: Enhancing Performance and Sustainability

— In the latest edition of the graduate course “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering,” students across many disciplines at EPFL tackled prototyping challenges at the intersection of sports and technology. Led by Prof. Véronique Michaud and Prof. Thomas Weber, and supported by a diverse group of additional faculty, eight student teams solved various industrial ‘Sports Tech’ challenges, in collaboration with the industry sponsors Archinisis, Montblanc, Pomoca, and Vacheron Constantin. In addition to finding an innovative technological solution with a viable business model, the challenge included a quest for reducing environmental impact. This year’s winning team provided a redesign of a Pomoca ski touring skin with a novel shape and fixation type.

Luisa Lambertini was unanimously appointed as the new rector of Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) © 2023 EPFL

Luisa Lambertini tapped as the new rector of USI in Lugano

— Luisa Lambertini, an economist by training, holds the Chair of International Finance at EPFL’s College of Management of Technology (CDM) and is EPFL’s Associate Vice President for Postgraduate Education. After devoting her time to addressing the needs of our PhD students, she will soon pack her bags for Lugano, where she was unanimously appointed as the new rector of Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). She will start her new job on 1 July 2023.

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Impact of the war on Ukrainian scientists

— Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse will be presenting the preliminary results of his research at the DG RTD at the European Commission on January 19, 2023.

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10th Deloitte OES Prize for Optimizing Artisanal Ice Cream Store

— The 2022 annual Deloitte OES Prize for the best student project in Prof. Weber’s graduate course “Operations: Economics and Strategy” has been awarded to Kareen FALLAHA and Mohamed HEDAYET. The Deloitte OES Prize competition, which involves finding operational improvements in local businesses, has been held each year since 2013. The 2022 edition represents the 10th anniversary of continuous cooperation between Deloitte and the EPFL Chair of Operations, Economics and Strategy.

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Gender effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Swiss labor market

— The latest publication published in the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics by Prof. Luisa Lambertini, Corinne Dubois & Yu Wu explores the impact of the Covid pandemic on the gender gap in the Swiss labor Market.

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Professorship for Dr. Viet Anh Nguyen at CUHK

— In December 2022 Viet Anh Nguyen has taken up an appointment as Assistant Professor in the department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

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