Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute


The Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute has been created to foster research and to offer strong programs in the fields of management of technology, entrepreneurship and public policy.

The institutes participates in several teaching programs:

Fields of Competences

  • Optimization
  • Business analytics
  • Economic Analysis
  • Technology & IP Policy 
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • Management of innovation
  • Technology commercialization
  • Operations & supply chain management

Linking EPFL Schools via Interdisciplinary Projects

— With the idea to promote and encourage collaboration among scientists, the College of Management of Technology (CDM) has initiated a new Interdisciplinary Strategy to seed new collaborative research ties between key research areas of the College and other research domains present at EPFL. This strategic program aims both at boosting the huge potential of interdisciplinary projects which already feature at EPFL and at fostering the integration of the College on the EPFL campus.

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Rethinking supply chains to cut carbon and sulfur oxide emissions

— Building a better future by creating supply chain excellence. That’s the goal of the Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Management program offered at EPFL by the International Institute for the Management of Logistics and Supply Chain. And the in-company projects performed by program participants show that their novel ideas could considerably reduce CO2 and sulfur oxid emissions.


New publication on founder identity and firm creation

— Dr. Shirah Foy and Prof. Dr. Marc Gruber have published a new article in the Academy of Management Journal entitled "Identity-Society (Mis)Alignment and the Instrumentalization of Firm Creation: Creative Destruction and Creative Reconstruction"

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Does the Chinese patent office discriminate against foreigners?

— EPFL researchers show that foreign companies are less likely to have their patent applications granted in China than their Chinese counterparts, and point out that this discrimination occurs in technologies of strategic importance to the Chinese government: the telecommunication and biotech industries.

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Plenary talk at the Virtual INFORMS Optimization Society Conference

— Daniel Kuhn was invited to give a plenary talk on the statistical foundations of data-driven decision-making at the 2021 Virtual INFORMS Optimization Society Conference.


New publication on entrepreneurial resource mobilization

— Dr. Christina Hertel and Dr. Julia Binder have published a new article in the Journal of Business Venturing entitled "Getting more from many—A framework of community resourcefulness in new venture creation"

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A new Master's in Sustainable Management and Technology

— This year’s Specialized Master’s Days marked the occasion to introduce EPFL’s new joint Master’s in Sustainable Management and Technology, a degree that will prepare our next generation to spearhead the transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy and which is hosted by the multi-institutional initiative Enterprise for Society Center (E4S).

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Supply chain professionals are doers

— EPFL EXEd offers numerous courses and even a masters degree in Global Supply Chain Management. Why is Supply Chain Management gaining importance? Elaine Moran, Executive Director for the International Institute for the Management of Logistics and Supply Chain presents her vision in the magazine FOKUS in March 2021.


Are patents a barrier to the adoption of COVID vaccines?

— Prof. de Rassenfosse was invited in Le Point J, a podcast by the RTS, to discuss the question of patents and access to COVID vaccines.

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New research on patent quality

— Prof. de Rassenfosse and former postdoc Kyle Higham, now at Hitotsubashi University, together with Adam Jaffe have just published an article in Research Policy, the leading journal in innovation studies.

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