Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute


The Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute has been created to foster research and to offer strong programs in the fields of management of technology, entrepreneurship and public policy.

The institutes participates in several teaching programs:

Fields of Competences

  • Optimization
  • Business analytics
  • Economic Analysis
  • Technology & IP Policy 
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • Management of innovation
  • Technology commercialization
  • Operations & supply chain management
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The effect of patents protections on exports analyzed

— Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse's new publication in the European Economic Review entitled "International patent protection and trade: Transaction-level evidence" explores an undocumented causal mechanism about how intellectual property influences international trade.

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Daniel Kuhn gave keynote talks at ECSO-CMS 2022 and at EURO 2022

— Daniel Kuhn was invited to give two keynote talks on robust optimization, blackouts and the law at the joint European Conference on Stochastic Optimization and the Computational Management Science Conference 2022 in Venice and at the EURO Conference 2022 in Espoo.

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Bahar Taskesen Runner-up for ECSO-CMS 2022 Best Student Paper Prize

— Bahar Taskesen was selected as runner-up for the best student paper prize of the joint European Conference on Stochastic Optimization and the Computational Management Science Conference 2022 for her authorship of the paper "Semi-Discrete Optimal Transport: Hardness, Regularization and Numerical Solution" (co-authored with Soroosh Shafieezadeh-Abadeh and Daniel Kuhn, forthcoming in Mathematical Programming, Series A). ECSO–CMS was held in Venice, Italy, 29 June – 1 July 2022, at the Department of Economics of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Clara Grandry is completing an internship at Tetra Pak. © Alain Herzog/EPFL

Cutting carbon emissions upstream and downstream

— Summer series – Master's project (1). EPFL student Clara Grandry is completing an internship at Tetra Pak – the world’s leading supplier of food-packaging products and processes – for her Master’s project. She’s working in the supply-chain department to help reduce the indirect carbon emissions associated with the company’s suppliers.

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The 2021 annual report of the College of Management is now available

— The College of Management of Technology has published its annual report for 2021. It includes the highlights of the year, news about the faculty members, research and education overviews as well as financial and organizational facts.


Limiting the Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions

— Dr. Anna Timonina-Farkas and co-authors Dr. René Glogg and Prof. Ralf Seifert have a new article forthcoming in Production and Operations Management, a FT-50 jounal entitled "Limiting the Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions in the Face of Distributional Uncertainty in Demand".

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Congratulations to Dr. Dirk Lauinger for obtaining his PhD

— Dr. Dirk Lauinger obtained his PhD in June 2022. His dissertation, supervised by Prof. Daniel Kuhn and Dr. François Vuille, is entitled "Vehicle-to-Grid for Reliable Frequency Regulation".


Mentoring graduate students and junior faculty during the summer

— Prof. de Rassenfosse has been invited to participate in professional development workshops (PDWs) at all the major conferences in the field this summer. PDWs are pre-conference workshops usually targeted at graduate students and junior faculty. They include various session formats and learning experiences led by experts in the topic with intended takeaways for the participants.

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EPFL students acquire a taste for entrepreneurship

— In 2018, EPFL introduced a program whereby highly motivated Master’s students can create a startup for their Master’s projects. We spoke with two recent graduates who used the program to launch their own businesses.

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Redesign Human-Centric Manufacturing & Supply Networks: Industry 5.0.

— According to Professor Kiritsis of EPFL, specializing in ICT for sustainable manufacturing: "During the last few years, we have observed continuous progress of manufacturing, driven by emerging technological innovations, allowing us to reinforce sustainable and resilient growth. In order for this progress within the manufacturing in­dustry to be sustained and reach more end-users, create new jobs and align­ with the Circular Economy paradigm, a reallocation of skills is required to cover the needs for competencies in key topics of Sustainability & Resilience of Value Chains and the Enabling Technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution".

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