SMT International & exchange students

As an international & exchange student, you will learn here all useful information about your arrival in Switzerland, joining our program or registering for specific courses in the SMT Master program.

International students information

The Master in Sustainable Management & Technology (SMT) attracts many foreign students and thus allows students to immerse themselves in an international and multicultural environment where English is the natural language for both classes and communication between students. 

We are proud to welcome students from different countries such as: America, China, France, Germany, Italy, Germany…

Entry requirements

International students interested in joining our Master program must follow the detailed admission process.

Explore Switzerland

Studying in Switzerland is a unique experience! Discover what this country has to offer.

Prepare yourself for EPFL

Settling in a new country, understanding the culture and meeting new people are the many challenges you might face when you decide to study abroad. 



Meeting other students
  • Would like to be put into contact with a peer?
  • Would you like to hear about another student’s experience as an SMT student?
  • Do you want somebody to talk to who can relate to your student’s life?

Contact our section who will put you in contact with a peer: [email protected]

Application process

Please check the online application process and the deadlines.

Exchange students Conditions

As an exchange student, you will be able to take courses part of the SMT program. Please note that there are conditions and limitations imposed to exchange students depending on your situation.

Rules regarding the access to SMT courses for exchange students

Academic year 2024-25

International exchange students or students coming from another section of EPFL are only allowed to register for the following courses in the SMT curriculum:


  • ENV-410 – Science of climate change
  • MGT-494 – Economics for challenging times
  • MGT-450 – Technology, sustainability and public policy


  • ENG-410 – Energy supply, economics and transition

Once the second week of the semester is over, the SMT section will cancel all the registrations that do not follow these rules.