New SHS-MGT courses in Management and Finance

The College of Management is the EPFL School responsible for developing and offering education and research programmes in the fields of management, economics and finance (MEF). By virtue of its location on a campus dominated by basic and engineering sciences, CDM needs to position itself as having to offer more than what a “standard” business school is able to provide. In essence, CDM wants to pave the way for the management school of the future by placing itself at the frontier between the traditional domains of a business school and the principal areas of expertise of a leading technical university.

Based on these objectives, one central mission of CDM is to train the future leaders in management by offering on the campus the knowledge and expertise in MEF that must form part of the intellectual baggage of future engineers, which is key to enabling EPFL students to gain access to top management levels in companies.

The new project of establishing a set of courses in Management and Finance for Bachelor students within the Social and Human Sciences Program (SHS) is perfectly aligned with this mission. Students attending these courses will acquire knowledge in micro- and macro-economics, entrepreneurship, finance, innovation, policy and sustainable economic development. In all courses, applications and real world examples in economics, finance or management will be used to complement the acquisition of techniques and skills of these disciplines.


Course offer

Autumn semester

Tuesday 3.15 pm – 5 pm

2 ECTS – Gaulé (CDM & U.Bath) and Kantorovitch (CDM)

Tuesday 3.15 pm – 5 pm

2 ECTS – Gruber and Weissenböck (CDM)

Tuesday 1.15 pm – 3 pm

2 ECTS – Perazzi (CDM)

BA5 – Tuesday 1.15 pm – 3 pm

2 ECTS – Fahlenbrach, Hugonnier and Collin-Dufresne (CDM)

Spring Semester

Tuesday 3.15 pm – 5 pm

2 ECTS – Hertel (CDM)

Tuesday 1.15 pm – 3 pm

2 ECTS – Kiyavash, Malamud and Etesami (CDM)

Tuesday 1.15 pm – 3 pm
2 ECTS – de Rassenfosse (CDM)


Registration is done through is-academia, secure access:

  • For courses taught in the Fall semester, from August to the Friday of the second week of the semester
  • For courses taught in the Spring semester, from January to the Friday of the second week of the semester.

More information about rules & procedures of registrations

Note that these courses have a limited capacity, with registrations on a first come, first served basis

Information contact point

Gabriele Pellegrino, Academic Coordinator

Françoise Jeannotat, Deputy of Section

[email protected]

Office ODY 318
021 693 00 62