Master project in industry

The Master project in industry is a 6-month research-oriented project done within the frame of an internship in a company during the last semester of the MTE program.

Duration | Dates | Location

Duration: The Master project in industry should last 6 months.

Session dates: Spring session (from the end of February) / Fall session (from the end of July)

Requirements: The Master project in ‘Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship’ takes place during the last semester of the master program (usually after the three semesters of coursework).

It can start upon the successful completion of the Master’s cycle (or the conditional admission to the Master’s project).

Location: The Master project in industry must be carried out in a non-academic organization (company, public organization), in Switzerland or abroad.

Project definition and supervision

The topic of the Master’s thesis may be proposed either by the company, by the student, or by the academic supervisor. The topic must be clearly defined by the student, the academic supervisor and the company supervisor. All 3 parties must agree on the project outlines.

  • The topic must be related to the content of the MTE studies and must include a research or innovation component, not only operational work.
  • The student is required to identify the research topic to be addressed and propose a methodology and plan deliverables.
  • It is supervised by a company supervisor and an academic supervisor.
Validation of the Master project in industry

The student must submit a written Master thesis at the end of the project and conduct an oral defence in front of a jury.

The successful oral defence of the thesis leads to the completion of the Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

More details and information are available to current students on Moodle in the “MGT- 599” section.

How to find a Master project
  • Students can apply through different channels (IS-Academia internship portal, job boards, Linkedin…). Information and resources are provided by their Internship coordinator.
  • Employers can post offers on the EPFL internship portal
Example of sectors
  • Product & Project management
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Innovation Management
  • Productions & Manufacturing
  • Marketing and HR
  • R&D
  • Finance



Ms Haoua Mahmoudi | MTE Internship & Mentoring program Coordinator

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