MFE Career prospects

When you choose the Master in Financial Engineering , you’ll have the opportunity to gain sought-after skills and connections that will open doors for you in the job market.

Upon completion of the program, MFE graduates will have acquired a financial education at the forefront of both academic thinking and industry practice.

What kind of career does MFE prepare you for?

Below are a non-exhaustive list of jobs & skills that you can find in the financial engineering job market.

A career in Quantitative Risk Management

Typical activities: 

  • Design and use digital tools to solve complex financial problems.
  • Identify, consolidate, analyze and manage financial and operational risks of a company or financial institution’s activities.
  • Understand financial research and be able to apply recent research to risk management problems.
A career in Financial Quantitative Analysis

Typical activities:

  • Develop, analyze, and implement mathematical, statistical, and econometric models to value and hedge derivatives, forecast market movements, identify profitable investment opportunities, and protect against financial risks.
  • Assess the financial health of a company, its value, and needs in the context of issuing financial securities, buying companies, mergers/acquisitions activities, or strategic consulting activities.
  • Optimize performance and make strategic financial decisions in the company: cash management, investment policy, borrowing and share issuance policy, dividend distribution policy, pension plan management, cost accounting and performance analysis/attribution.
A career in Portfolio Management

Typical activities:

  • Build and negotiate complex financial products.

  • Define and manage investment strategy.

  • Model and manage financial risks.

Build your career readiness with the MFE program

Gain professional experience

As a student in MFE, you will undertake a 6-month Master Project in the industry during the last semester of your program. The Master Project will enhance your skills as an engineer and help you develop your professional network. It will give you the opportunity to work on a real-life problem in collaboration with professionals from different sectors, which is key for future career success in the field of engineering.

Participate in our MFE Practitioner seminars

The aim of these seminars is to connect prominent professionals from various domains of the financial industry with the cohort of MFE students who will soon enter the job market. Learn more


Become part of a community

Since the creation of the program in 2010, our alumni network has grown over 350 alumni across Switzerland and abroad. 

Discover where and what our graduates are doing, and participate in our events to meet and connect with other students who have gone before you! 

Alumni testimonials

Jérome Gay

The MFE helped me shape my career by choosing the topics that I thought were suiting my needs. I was well prepared to enter the industry and strongly believe that MFE students can fit in any role involved with quantitative topics

Jérome Gay, MFE Alumnus 2015
Aglaia Myropolska

The program gave an excellent overview of the industry, providing the fundamental financial background as well most recent development in finance & technology (e.g. blockchain course or machine learning course). I have been working on many different projects and I could contribute to most of them from day one which is largely due to the background I received at MFE.

Aglaia Myropolska, MFE Alumnus 2018
Lucas Schwartz

The MFE at EPFL was a good way for me to transition from pure engineering to the world of finance. It gave me exposure to the core principles of accounting and corporate finance while capitalizing on my quantitative training from my Bachelor to further develop my advanced modelling and computational skills.

Lucas Schwartz, MFE Alumnus 2015