MFE Practitioner Seminars

To enhance the practical relevance of MFE courses, a series of Practitioner Seminars is organized each year in the Fall. The aim of these seminars is to connect prominent professionals from various domains of the financial industry with the cohort of MFE students who will soon enter the job market

Each seminar typically consists of a presentation by the guest speaker, followed by a Q&A session. There are also opportunities for networking.


Squarepoint Capital: Cecile Merlet (Quantitative researcher in the investment team)

Keyrock: Mike Nelson (Head of Liquidity) and Robert Buck (Head of low liquidity quant research)

Alpian: Anish Singh (Head of Program Management) and David Nemeshazy (Chief Architect)

BCV: Julien Blatt (Strategic risks Manager)

UBS: Barbara Simonet (Global QSI Program Lead), Nitya Afambo (Model Performance Monitoring & Measurement), Luca Gabri (Collateral Concentration Models) and Raphael de Guio (Stress Portfolio Analytics)



Quaero Capital: Robert Abboud (Analyst) and Robin Kempczynski (Associate) from the Private Equity Infrastructure team

Squarepoint Capital: Alessandro Casati (Quant Researcher)

Credit Suisse: The Quantitative Analysis and Technology team

UBS: Jens Herrmann (Head Firmwide Stress Methodology CH)

McKinsey & Company: Virginie Fabre (Recruiter)



Quaero Capital: Robert Abboud (Analyst) and Robin Kempczynski (Associate) from the Private Equity Infrastructure team

Credit Suisse: The Quantitative Analysis and Technology team

EdgeLab: Gilles Zumbach (Head of research)

Unigestion: Natalie Sigrist (Partner, Private Equity) and Marco Perfetto (Quantitative Analyst, Private Equity and MFE Alumnus)


Litasco: Ramil Zelyatdinov (Chief Risk Officer)

Partners group: Viktor Vatinas (Portfolio Manager Private Debt)

Lombard Odier: Alain Forclaz and François Chareyron (Multi Asset Portfolios and Quantitative Analyste)

Procter & Gamble: Guillermo Garcia (Product Supply Finance)

Crédit Suisse: Anton Merlushkin (Head of Quantitative Analysis and Technology)


Transmarket Group: Victor de Cagny (Senior Associate) and Quentin de Toulmon (Market Micro-Structure Analyst)

Vontobel: Stefan Pomberger (Executive Director – Head of Quant Group Fixed Income, Rates and Credit)

BCV: Armand Hirt (Risk Management)

Julius Bär: Francesco Mandala (Fund Analyst)


Lombard Odier Asset Management: Foort Hamelink (Systematic Equities)

Edge Lab: Alexandre Robert (Quant Developer)

Move Digital: Mika Kastenholz (Co-Founder)


Trafigura: Lawrence Austen (Chief Risk Officer)

Deloitte: Andreas Bachmann (Manager in Consulting and Lead of Blockchain Swiss Team)

Pictet: Florent Garcin (Pictet Asset Management)

EY: Sabine Betz (Partner)



Lombard Odier: Alain Forclaz (Client Portfolio Manager, team Multi Asset) and Porfyria Malama (Analyst)

PWC: Isabelle Flueckiger (Leader Risk & Modelling, Director)

Mercuria: Ellis Kitchener (CRO) and Valentina Riva (Global Head of Quantitative Analysis)

Unigestion: Jerome Teiletche (Managing Director, Head of Cross Asset Solutions)

Deloitte: Angelo Scacchi (Senior Manager Consulting Department)

SwissLife: Tatjana Puhan (Head Equity & Asset Allocation)

TOTSA: Damien Reboul-Salze (Products and Derivatives Trading – Manager Quantitative Analysis Group)



TOTSA: Damien Reboul Salze (Head of quantitative research), and Alev Gulacar (Head of Trading and Derivatives Products).

Goldman Sachs:  Alain Barthel (Country Head).

Dominice: Pierre de Saab (Limited Partner)

EY: Jean-Noël Ardouin (Senior Manager, EMEIA Financial Services Advisory & Risk), Daria Schwander (Senior Consultant), and Yohan Chabali (Senior Consultant).

Lombard Odier:  Didier Rabattu (Head of Global Equities), Lajla Aganovic (Portfolio Manager), Thuy-Mai Hoang (Co-Portfolio Manager), Jessica Pallie (Human Resources), and Fabienne Barresi (Human Resources).



Lombard Odier: Matthias Gaumann (Head of Business Development), and Jessica Pallie (Human Resources).

Walter Capital: Aymeric Poulin (Associate).

Unigestion: Alexandre Falin (Mandate Manager Private Assets).

Perennium Asset Management: Arnaud Apffel (Founder and CEO).

Kensai Asset Management: Azis Nahas (Founder and CEO)



SwissLife: Pierre Guillemin  (Head of Portfolio Management and Managing Director, Swiss Life Asset Managers).

Mercuria: Kieron Drake (Chief Technology Officer), Ellis Kitchener (Chief Risk Officer), and Tony Ford (Head of Credit).

Lombard Odier: Aurèle Storno (Portfolio Manager), and Sui Kai Wong ( Portfolio Manager, Alumnus of teh MFE at EPFL)



Unigestion: Gabriele Susinno (Executive Director and Head of Quantitative Research & Risk Control).

Ground Zero Capital: Vincent Elbhar (Managing Partner), and Edward Filippi (Managing Partner).

Mercuria: Kieron Drake (Chief Technology Officer), and Ellis Kitchener (Chief Risk Officer).



BCV: Fabio Alessandrini (CIO Alternative and Quantitative Investments)

Unigestion: Christophe de Dardel (Head of Mandates, Private Equity)

Lombard Odier: Jean-Paul Bonvin (Head of Operational Risks), Liza Friart (Human Resources, Development and Formation), and

Deloitte:  Philip Keller (Head of Financial Risk Management)



SCOR: Michel Dacorogna (Deputy Chief Risk).

Credit Suisse: Mika Kastenholz (Head of Exotics Derivatives Trading).