Finance and Technology Programme

The Finance and Technology Programme at EPFL is an interdisciplinary research programme at the intersection of finance and technology.

It brings together expertise from finance (including asset pricing, risk management, market microstructure, corporate finance, financing of innovation, game theory) and technology (including data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational science, cryptography, information technology).

Its objectives are:

  • To study and develop next-generation applications at the intersection of finance and technology
  • To provide answers to issues and challenges raised by new developments in the financial industry
  • To accelerate research and education in finance drawing on the cross-disciplinary expertise at EPFL.

The Finance and Technology Programme is part of the Swiss Finance Institute @ EPFL within the College of Management of Technology at EPFL. It is associated with the EPFL Center for Digital Trust and benefits from the support of industry partners including Swissquote.