For employers

MTE students have a strong technical and scientific background from EPFL and elsewhere.  During the MTE Master program, they acquire knowledge in company management as well as a complement to their original technical background.

The MTE Master truly offers an essential potential for accessing positions which require excellent technical skills as well as solid expertise in management (e.g. Supply chain management, Project management, Technology & innovation management).

More information on the teaching program and Career prospects

There are different ways to collaborate with our students and get involved with the MTE section:

The Master Project in industry is a 6-month research-oriented project done within the frame of an internship during the last semester of the MTE program. It must be supervised by a company supervisor and an academic supervisor.

Mentors are selected on the basis of their professional background and personal qualities. We are looking for professionals who can inspire our students and share their knowledge and experience with them.

By joining the Mentoring program, you will have the opportunity to develop your own career path by sharing your knowledge and skills with the next generation. You will also be able to help other students during their time at MTE by providing them with advice and guidance and meet other mentors.



Ms Haoua Mahmoudi | Internship & Mentoring program Coordinator |  [email protected] | Odyssea Building