IC IT – IT Services of the IC School

What’s new ?

  • For several weeks now, we have had great difficulty in finding and supplying workstation-type equipment, or even for screens. This is a chronic global shortage. We are trying to diversify the suppliers but without much success. Sometimes even common material (local keyboard, etc.) is delivered late. The same goes for all video conferencing equipment. We believe that this problem will continue to exist for the next few months.
Our main missions
  • Point of contact for any IT question
  • Local expertise in Infrastructure, Cluster, Clouds and EPFL IT Services
  • Develop and delivers best-in-class solutions and services using its own capabilities, collaborating with VPSI, and engaging third parties
  • Involvement in research to help with first operational deployments of research products
  • Security at heart of solutions with a cost conscious approach.
Our main users
  • Students from the Computer Science and Communication Systems sections
  • Students of the other sections who follow courses given by IC professors
  • All collaborators of the IC School.


IC-IT – IT Service

Building INJ
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Need help?

Remote support :

Call 1234 (external number: 021 693 1234 )
Or come to the helpdesk: plan.epfl.ch

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