IC IT – IT Services of the IC School

What’s new ?

  • We have successfully ran a Proof of Concept (PoC) on the High Performance Computing (HPC) commercial cloud bursting. Meaning that we were able to deploy compute and infrastructure in the Clouds (GCP, Exoscale, AWS) to extend our ICCluster on demand. The PoC is now removed and we will build the production environment with all needed security and contractual bases. The other ambition is to be able to answer, through commercial cloud platforms, requests for services that are unavailable on-prem but rentable in the cloud. We also want to develop knowledge cross clouds ecosystems to be able to orient labs on those when needed be.
  • We have hired Aymeric and Grégoire. They both have bold experiences respectively on Infrastructure, DevOps, Software, Application, Projects. We envision to be able to help more on application lifecycle management and development as well as Cloud ecosystems. Not to mention reinforcing our support for web sites when they go beyond WordPress standard type of sites.
  • On the organizational front, as of February 1st, IC-IT will expand its services to include CDM and CDH (under one service). Pascal, Grégoire B, and Serge are therefore joining forces with us. We do believe that we will be able to support both centers in a sensible and meaningful way.
  • We are also preparing more communication and dedicated webinars on specific services and are preparing onboarding content to help staff when they join the IC School.
Our main missions
  • Point of contact for any IT question
  • Local expertise in Infrastructure, Cluster, Clouds and EPFL IT Services
  • Develop and delivers best-in-class solutions and services using its own capabilities, collaborating with VPSI, and engaging third parties
  • Involvement in research to help with first operational deployments of research products
  • Security at heart of solutions with a cost conscious approach.
Our main users
  • Students from the Computer Science and Communication Systems sections
  • Students of the other sections who follow courses given by IC professors
  • All collaborators of the IC School.


IC-IT – IT Service

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