IT material order

To order IT equipment, contact the IC-IT team or directly the IT admin of your unit. The equipment is set up (basic installation) by us. We do not support private material.


It is advised to buy laptops rather than desktops whenever possible.  Laptops usually bring enough performance nowadays and make it easier to move around and be flexible.

Please visit the manufacturer sites below to choose your product (do not order), send your requirements by email to your local support we will then check the availability  and request a quote to our suppliers.

Monitors and other IT equipments

Please visit the manufacturer sites below to choose your product (do not order) but send us the references and we will then place the order according to the approval of the lab.



Proprietary software are licensed to EPFL users (Staff, Academic, Students) for Education and other contexts, but not all utilization are allowed; please refer to Software Licenses to learn what are the the license models and limits they imposes.

A selection of software can be ordered through the EPFL software distribution service called Distrilog, accessible at Gaspar authentication (username and password) is required.

If the software you need is not available on Distrilog, please contact the IT team.

Preinstalled Software

This is the list of the basic software installed when you order a computer through IT.

We can assist you to install additional software. Windows & Mac OS

  • MS Office
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Cisco Jabber
  • McAfee Antivirus (Windows only)
  • Zoom
  • FireFox
  • EPFL MyPrint
  • Lina (Backup client) (* has to be requested by user)