Catalog of services

Proximity role – Operations

  • Specific need for the laboratory (research), center or school
  • Specific needs for teaching (Classroom)
  • Specific need for administration
  • Consumer advice on IC services
  • Consumer advice for EPFL services

IT IC role – Planning / Development

  • Build, develop common services to the faculty in terms of infrastructure, software / applications, security, etc. 

Relay role of IT Central (Coordination)

  • Coordinate, promote, influence and propose new EPFL basic services

Role Gvt (IC IT and Central IT)

IC IT is governed by a steering committee composed of the Business (métier), Users, Senior Management and the Head of IT on a yearly basis. The aim of the steering is to decide the areas of invest for the IC IT School for the coming months as well as looking at the progress and remaining work. Should there be a need to prioritize activities, this organ will also decide.

Process and administration (IC)

  • Continuity, Reliability, Performance, Security
  • Management of perimeter licenses
  • Perimeter security management
  • Inventory management