Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship

The Master program for business-minded engineers and scientists.

The highly selective Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MTE) is one of the flagship programs of the College of Management Technology. It offers a dedicated curriculum for ambitious engineers and scientists who aim to grow their careers in the business world and who want to drive the commercial applications of technology and innovation beyond the lab.


Why join our Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship?

Combine the best of both worlds
You’ll get the best of both worlds! The technical knowledge of engineering, as well as the knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. This combination will give you the edge when it comes to pursuing a successful career. 
Stay ahead of the curve
The master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship will give you the tools to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the ever-evolving technology industry. With the right skills, you’ll be better equipped to understand changing market conditions and make informed decisions. 
Develop a unique skill set
Join our master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship, you’ll develop a unique set of skills that will set you apart from other engineers. You’ll be able to tackle complex problems from both a technical and business perspective, allowing you to take full advantage of opportunities for growth and success.
Unlock career opportunities
It will open the door to a variety of career opportunities. You’ll be able to pursue leadership roles in a wide range of firms or have the tools to become a successful entrepreneur. Check our Career prospect page for more information
Academic excellence
By taking courses from renowned professors, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a leader in these industries.
Grow your network
This program also offers the opportunity to network and make important connections that can help you develop and sustain a successful career.
A selective program
Only 30 to 40 students join the program every year
A multicultural environment
The MTE program welcomes students from +10 nationalities (Europe, Middle-East, the Americas, Asia, and Africa)
A diverse students background
Students in MTE come from different backgrounds such as Computer Science, System Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Life Science Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics


Core courses (30 credits)

Examples of courses:

  • Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • Introduction to Econometrics
  • Principles of Finance
Disciplinary Minor (30 credits)

The disciplinary minor includes 30 credits of master-level courses which are chosen in the study plans of the other EPFL sections.

  • The disciplinary minor is a mandatory part of the MTE master curriculum.
  • The domain of the disciplinary minor is decided by the MTE section, on the basis of the student’s bachelor
  • The choice of courses must be approved by the MTE section and by the concerned minor advisors.
  • For MTE students, the disciplinary minor includes master-level courses only. Exceptions must be approved by the minor advisor and by the MTE section, and if approved, the bachelor courses should not exceed 8 credits.
  • The disciplinary minor is successfully passed when at least 30 ECTS are obtained among the courses which have been specified for each student.
How to proceed?
  • During the first week of the first semester, the students must contact the Deputy Head of Section in order to discuss the organization of their minor.
  • The students must contact the concerned minor advisor to discuss their choice of courses
  • Each student must fill out a form with the list of the chosen courses. This form must be signed by the concerned minor advisor and returned to the MTE section secretariat by 27.10.2023

Students who already hold a technical master degree will have to do a minor in Systems Engineering or a transdisciplinary minor (to see the offer, please visit the study plans & rules page).

Some minors have a specific study plan. In such cases, students must choose their courses in the minor-specific study plan. These specific study plans can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

Electives (10 credits)

Examples of courses:

  • Global Business Environment
  • Leading and Managing in a Global Context
  • Transitions and Technology Policy
Orientation (20 credits)

“Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship”: This orientation aims to develop competencies in managing the innovation processes within firms.

Examples of courses:

  • Strategic Marketing & Technology Commercialization
  • Entrepreneurship & New Venture Strategy
  • Technology & Innovation Strategy

“Operations Management & Systems Modeling”: This orientation aims to develop competencies in managing and improving industrial processes through quantitative models.

Examples of courses:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations: Economics & Strategy
  • Value Chain Management in Practice

“Business Analytics”: This orientation aims to harness the power of big data to generate insights for improving business performance.

Examples of courses:

  • Data science for business
  • Causal inference
  • Optimal decision-making
Master project in industry (30 credits)

 The specific content depends on the host firm and project topic. Learn more


Vincenzo Pecorella
Vincenzo Pecorella

I joined the program because I saw the potential of combining my background in computer science engineering with knowledge in economics and management. I found the program's diverse mix of courses and activities to be incredibly rewarding. This variety of disciplines expanded my horizons and kept me engaged and curious.

Vincenzo Pecorella, MTE student 2022 | Orientation: Operation Management & Systems Modeling | Minor : Data Science
Léo Hauser
Léo Hauser

MTE is a great opportunity to connect my computer science skills to the business world, while developing a strong network with students, professors and people from industry.

Léo Hauser, MTE student 2022 | Orientation: Operation Management & Systems Modeling | Minor : Data Science
Jonas Schweiger
Jonas Schweiger

I wanted to bridge the worlds of technology and business. With the MTE program, I can enhance my understanding of economics and at the same time deepen my knowledge in the technical field, building upon my prior education.

Jonas Schweiger, MTE student 2022 | Orientation: Business Analytics | Minor : Energy

Student association: “Society of Managerial Engineering Students of EPFL”


Applications have to be filled online only. Check out the application process.

The application period is from:

  • The beginning of November to December 15th
  • December 16th to March 31st

To learn about eligibility conditions, the application process and the important deadlines

 Check out the Master admission criteria & application page

If you’re new Master student on EPFL campus, you can find tips & procedures to follow about immigration, housing & insurance

Application deadline

Applications can be filled out online from the beginning of November to the 15th of December, or from the 16th of December to the 31st of March

Online application


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