Mentoring Program

The MTE Master relies on a network of approximately 50 mentors coming from different industries/companies, who volunteer to follow and support the MTE students during their Master. Several of them are alumni of the College of Management (CDM) and have a strong link with the College and the EPFL.

Through the mentoring partnership, our students gain valuable insights into professional life, and our mentors enjoy the satisfaction of a lasting legacy with a new generation of young leaders.

The MTE mentoring program is
  • A 1- year partnership between a Mentee (1styear master student in MTE ) and a Mentor (experienced professional) – providing both with opportunities to share talents, skills, experiences and expertise.
  • The MTE students benefit from a more experienced or knowledgeable person to provide feedback and advice for his/her continued career and professional development.
  • The professionals collaborating with MTE as mentors come from different sectors and industries (Innovation and investment, Food industry, Medtech, Manufacturing, Luxury goods, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Sport & Entertainment, Digital communication/Marketing, Finance…) and hold different positions such as Senior Consultant, R&D Senior Specialist, Head of IT Analytics, Director of Project Management, Project Engineering Manager, Co-founder & CEO
  • Three networking events are organized throughout the academic year with mentors and mentees.
The matching process and key events
  • The Mentoring Opening event: at the beginning of each academic year (usually October or November), MTE organizes an Opening event at EPFL where mentors and students meet to get to know each other.
  • Following the opening event, mentors and students are asked to provide a list of their preferred mentors/mentees. The matching process between mentors and mentees is based on the information provided by both parties (area of interest, industry sector, career plans, hobbies…)
  • Once the pairs are communicated, the students get in touch with their mentor and the relationship can start. Each pair of mentor/mentee meet at their best convenience.
  • Two additional networking sessions are organized at EPFL in February and May.
Applied Corporate Industry Analysis

As part of the Applied Corporate Industry Analysis course (Spring semester), the students are required to complete an applied company analysis with the help of their mentor.

For students

Every year, all new MTE students take part in the mentoring program. Each student will be paired with a mentor at the beginning of the academic year.

Benefits for the students:
  • Support in personal and professional development
  • Explore career paths and learn from experts in their fields
  • Prepare an in-depth analysis of a real business
  • Grow their network
For mentors

Mentors join the Mentoring program for an academic year and are paired with one MTE student.

Benefits for the Mentor:
  • Helping a Student
  • Strengthening a link with EPFL and the academic world
  • Creating a bridge between young talents and experienced people in the industry confronted with business reality
  • Growing together and developing a win-win situation

Interested in becoming a mentor? Get in touch with the Mentoring Program Coordinator and sign up for the next academic year.



Ms Haoua Mahmoudi | MTE Internship & Mentoring program Coordinator

[email protected] | Odyssea Building, EPFL