Semyon Malamud

Swiss Finance Institute Associate Professor at EPFL
Research Fellow Center for Economic Policy Research

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +41 21 693 0137 Fax: +41 21 693 0110
Postal: Swiss Finance Institute @ EPFL
Quartier UNIL-Dorigny, Extranef 213
CH – 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Recent Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Dominant Currency Debt,

with Egemen Eren,

Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming)

Liquidity, Innovation, and Endogenous Growth,

with Francesca Zucchi,

Journal of Financial Economics,  2019, 132 (2), 519-541.

Decentralized Exchange,

with Marzena Rostek,

American Economic Review, 2017, 107(11), 3320-3362.

Non-Myopic Betas,

with Grigory Vilkov,

Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, 129(2), 357-381.

Capital Supply Uncertainty, Cash Holdings, and Investment,

with Julien Hugonnier and Erwan Morellec,

Review of Financial Studies, 2015, 28(2), 391-445.

Credit Market Frictions and Capital Structure Dynamics,

with Julien Hugonnier and Erwan Morellec,

Journal of Economic Theory, 2015, 157, 1130-1158

Information Percolation in Segmented Markets,

with Darrell Duffie and Gustavo Manso,

Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, 153, 1-32

Optimal Incentives and Securitization of Defaultable Assets,

with Huaxia Rui and Andrew Whinston,

Journal of Financial Economics, 2013, 107(1), 111-135

Endogenous Completeness of Diffusion Driven Equilibrium Markets,

with Julien Hugonnier and Eugene Trubowitz,

Econometrica, 2012, 80, 1249-1270

Financial Markets Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Agents,

with Jaksa Cvitanic, Elyes Jouini and Clotilde Napp,

Review of Finance, 2012, 16(1), 285-321

Price Impact and Portfolio Impact,

with Jaksa Cvitanic

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The Relative Contributions of Private Information Sharing and Public Information Releases to Information Aggregation,

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Finance and Stochastics, 2008, 12, 411-422

Long Run Forward Rates and Long Yields of Bonds and Options in Heterogenous Equilibria,

Finance and Stochastics, 2008, 12, 245-264

The Structure of Optimal Consumption Streams in General Incomplete Markets,

with Eugene Trubowitz,

Mathematics and Financial Economics, 2007, 1, 129-161

Optimal Transport of Information,

joint with Anna Cieslak and Andreas Schrimpf

Principal Portfolios,

joint with Bryan Kelly and Lasse Pedersen

Learning (Not) to Trade: Lindy’s Law in Retail Traders,

joint with Teodor Godina, Serge Kassibrakis, Alberto Teguia, and Jiahua Xu

Asset Prices and Liquidity with Market Power and Non-Gaussian Payoffs,

joint with Sergei Glebkin and Alberto Teguia

Liquidity Provision in the Foreign Exchange Market,

joint with Florent Gallien, Serge Kassibrakis, Nataliya Capon, and Alberto Teguia

An Intermediation-Based Model of Exchange Rates,

joint with Andreas Schrimpf

Asset Pricing with Large Investors,

joint with Alberto Teguia

Intermediation Markups and Monetary Policy Passthrough,

joint with Andreas Schrimpf

Managing Inventory with Proportional Transaction Costs,

with Floran Gallien, Serge Kassibrakis, and Filippo Passerini

A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of ETFs

Noisy Arrow-Debreu Equilibria

Concavity of the Consumption Function with Recursive Preferences

Portfolio Delegation and Market Efficiency,

with Evgeny Petrov

Portfolio Selection with Options