Executive Short Courses

Intensive short courses for executives wanting a deeper understanding of the latest technologies and how these can be applied for real world results.

Why EPFL Executive Short Courses?

These programmes are designed for individual executives and teams in mid to senior-level management who want have a deeper understanding of the technologies shaping business today.

Format: 5 full week-days

The business potential of transformational technologies like blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics, is enormous but how do you separate the hype from the reality? TransformTECH brings you the possibility to really discover which technology will enable you to create new business opportunities.

The course offered in collaboration with IMD will help executives, managers, engineers, and other professionals understand when AI works, and when it does not.

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Fomat: A 5 day course

This program is for middle and senior managers in the banking sector to learn about the new technologies that are disrupting the industry.

Master the tools to successfully implement these innovations and be part of the digital transformation strategy in your company.

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Format: 3 full week-days

This executive program develops a holistic approach to AI and Data Science, ensuring the seamless execution of data-centric projects in a business context. The aim, ultimately, is to equip participants with knowledge and tools to transform uncertainty in Data and AI to their strategic advantage.

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