For Employers

Master students of our three programs possess a range of technical competencies and problem-solving skills that make them valuable assets to employers. Students complete a rigorous academic program and gain hands-on experience in their chosen field, making them well-equipped to contribute to your organization’s success.

MTE students have a strong technical and scientific background from EPFL and elsewhere.  During the MTE Master program, they acquire knowledge in company management as well as a complement to their original technical background.

The Master in Financial Engineering (MFE) provides students with a broad understanding of derivatives pricing, asset management, securities trading, risk management, and corporate finance. The program combines advanced finance theory and computational methods with practical application in relevant forums. Upon completion, MFE graduates are well-equipped to pursue careers in various financial institutions.

The Master in Sustainable Management & Technology (SMT) train students to become leaders, entrepreneurs and managers able to navigate the new economic system that is currently shaping up and to create a society that is more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive for the benefit of their organization, the environment, and society in general.

The program builds competences along three dimensions: technology & innovation, economics & management and tools and skills for developing sustainable solutions.