Career prospects

When you choose the Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship, you’ll have the opportunity to gain sought-after skills and connections that will open doors for you in the job market.

Each of the orientations will teach you how to think strategically and become adept at assessing and managing risks associated with management, technology and entrepreneurship.

What kind of career does MTE prepare you for?


Check out some examples of jobs the MTE program prepares you for, depending on the orientation you will choose and your field of interest.

We chose to represent at least one job per orientation, but of course, the list of jobs and skills is not exhaustive.

A career in Supply Chain Management

If you choose the “Operations Management & Systems Modeling” orientation, you will be prepared for jobs such as: “Supply Chain Management Engineer“.

You will be able to:

  • Simulate different logistic schemes in order to detect the risks of physical flow disruption
  • Analyze and forecast customer demand and integrate it into the company’s management processes (S&OP) in order to share information and optimize processes
  • Organize and coordinate the entire chain to ensure performance and implement collaborative tools and agreements
  • Evaluate the overall performance of the chain by developing analysis tools.
A career in Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

If you choose the “Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” orientation, you will be prepared for jobs such as: “Digital consultant“, “Business innovation manager“, “Business development manager“, “Technologist and engineer”.

You will be able to:

  • Analyze economic, organizational, and technological data in order to anticipate, identify and exploit innovation opportunities
  • Carry out a diagnosis of the market ecosystem to highlight its dynamics and trends
  • Establish and maintain a technology watch strategy
  • Define and validate the objectives, schedules, and financing of projects, taking into account constraints (strategic, legal, environmental, etc.)
A career in Business Analytics

If you choose “Business Analytics” orientation you will be prepared for jobs such as: “Business Data Analyst Engineer”

You will be able to:

  • Identify, select and analyze different data (financial, organizational, technology, click-through rates, customer data, social media data etc.) to document a topic and synthesize this data for exploitation
  • Formulate predictive models by using predictive tools (statistics, machine learning, data mining) and evaluate their performance taking into account risks
  • Link scientific models to business realities to refine the analysis of situations
  • Use prescriptive analysis tools (dynamic programming, optimization and reinforcement learning) to exploit information extracted from data to improve business decisions

Build your career readiness with the MTE program

Gain professional experience

As a student in MTE, you will undertake a 6-month Master Project in the industry during the last semester of your program.

The Master Project will enhance your skills as an engineer and help you develop your professional network. It will give you the opportunity to work on a real-life problem in collaboration with professionals from different sectors, which is key for future career success in the field of engineering.

Develop your network

The MTE Mentoring program is designed to help you develop the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in your first year at MTE.

Through this program, our students gain valuable insights into professional life, and our mentors enjoy the satisfaction of a lasting legacy with a new generation of young leaders.

Become part of a community

Since the creation of the program in 2006, our alumni network has grown to over 400 alumni across Switzerland and abroad.

Discover where and what our graduates are doing and participate in our events to meet and connect with other students who have gone before you!