Master Project

What is the objective of a Master Project ?

Master Project

The objective of a Master Project is to carry out a personal research project in a professional environment. This gives students the opportunity to put into practice the methodological and technical competences acquired during their studies and to show their ability to work independently. The Master Project offers students professional work experience and the possibility to familiarize themselves with company processes.

The company might be for instance a consulting firm, a multinational, a SME, or an administration in the public sector.

When do Master Project start and how long do they last?

The Master Project in ‘Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship’ takes place after the three semesters of coursework. The Master project lasts 25 weeks (6 months) and can start once the successful completion of the Master’s cycle (or the conditional admission to the Master’s project) has been checked after the exam session (first Monday of the spring semester for the winter semester, and last Monday of July for the summer semester). It must start on a Monday, and be submitted on a Friday at noon.

Students must verify the starting date of their Master Project with the Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship Section.

Where can I carry out my Master Project?

The Master Project in ‘Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship’ must be carried out in a company. The company might be for instance a consulting firm, a multinational, a SME, or an administration in the public sector.

What are the prerequisites for doing a Master Project?

To be admitted to the Master Project, you must have successfully completed the 90 ECTS of the MTE master program coursework. On successful completion of the Master Project, you will be awarded 30 ECTS.

How do I find a Master Project?

It is YOUR responsibility to find a Master Project (and related internship).

During the search you are welcome to also visit the EPFL internship database, where companies may post internships. Those are either specific to MTE students or shared with students from other EPFL sections.

Who will supervise my Master Project?

You will have two supervisors for your Master Project:
1. An academic supervisor: an MTE professor who will follow your project.
2. A company supervisor: the representative of the company who will follow your work in the company.
As soon as you have an internship proposal from a company, get in touch with your internship coordinator and list three MTE professors whom you think could supervise your thesis. Once the professor is assigned, he must get in touch with the company supervisor to clarify the academic content and confidentiality issues. When the project is approved by your academic supervisor, you can go ahead and formally commit with the company.

How do I register for a Master Project?

Once the subject has been fixed and approved by the MTE supervisor and the company supervisor, you must register your Master Project  in IS-Academia and complete a specific document to give to the MTE section.

Deadline to register in IS-Academia (Friday of the second week of the semester – same deadline as registration for courses).

How will my Master Project be validated?

The completed Master Project will have to be submitted in the form of a master thesis. This master thesis will have to be defended orally in front of your MTE supervisor and your company supervisor to be validated.

How do I deliver my Master Thesis?

The delivery of the master thesis should be made according to the MTE Section instructions, which will be given in due time.

The students must also submit a summary of their master’s thesis according to the Section’s instructions.

What Master Project have been carried out in the past?

See previous Master Projects.


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