Research Seminars

The MTEI Research Seminars

The MTEI Research Seminars have been set up with the objectives to invite scholars to present their ongoing research, to expose PhD students to current research being done in their respective fields, to provide a forum for learning about the ongoing research in management of technology, to help identify new directions for research agendas, to enhance the exchange of ideas and offer a venue for greater networking with the academic and research community outside CDM and EPFL and to create greater visibility for CDM as a center for research in Europe as well as in the US.  

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REGIS: REading Group in Innovation Studies
REGIS is a bi-weekly, pan-European virtual reading group series focusing on Science, Technology, and Innovation topics.
REGIS’ main objectives are twofold.
First, it seeks to train young scholars. We want to help Ph.D. students and early-career researchers to learn new developments and develop their critical thinking by discussing in a friendly and stimulating environment some of the most relevant and recent papers in the field.
Second, it aims at nurturing a community of scholars interested in such topics.

Past seminars


17.3.2022 Luca Ganassali, Inria

Statistical and computational limits for sparse graph alignment

14.6.22 Prof. Morten Huse, Norwegian Business School

“Resolving the crisis in research by changing the game”


16.9.2021 Krzysztof POSTEK, Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics

“An Adaptive Robust Optimization Model for Parallel Machine Scheduling”

21.9.2021 Nathan KALLUS, Cornell University

“Statistical Learning and Contextual Stochastic Optimization: Separate or Integrate?”

22.11.2021 Prof. Carolin BOCK, TU Darmstadt

“Hope this E-Mail finds you well – An empirical investigation on the ambiguous influence of empathy on entrepreneurial success”

19.11.2021 Adrian ESTEBAN PÉREZ, University of Malaga

“Distributionally Robust Optimal Power Flow with Contextual Information”


2.11.2020 Dr. Lisa Hehenberger, ESADE

“Internalizing Social Impact through Calculative Devices: The Case of Impact Investing”

11.5.2020 Prof. Henry Sauermann, ESMT Berlin

“What’s the problem? Crowdsourcing research questions in science”

(7 additional seminars were cancelled due to the pandemic)



Prof. Huan Xu, Georgia Tech
“The online saddle point problem and its applications”


Prof. Stefano Breschi, Bocconi University
“The Differential Impact of Intra-Firm Collaboration and Knowledge Network Centrality on Employees’ Likelihood of Leaving the Firm”


Dr. Wei Yang Tham, Harvard University
“Science, Interrupted: How Scientists Respond to Funding Disruptions”


Prof. Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi University
Seminar organized in collaboration with UNIL-HEC


Dr. Vivianna Fang, ETH Zurich
“Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams: The Critical Roles of Individual Emotion Regulation and Team Emotions”


“Challenges for an innovative Society: crossing perspectives between Politics, Academics and Industry


Prof. Olof Ejermo, Lund University
“Incubators, innovation and productivity”


Prof. Eliana Crosina, Babson College
“Start Me Up: On the Construction of Workspace and Identity among Co-Located Entrepreneurs”


Prof. Fabian Gaessler, TU Munich
“Training with AI, Winning Against Humans – Evidence from Chess Computers”


Prof. Bruno Cassiman, IESE Business School
The Impact of Innovation on Productivity: Profitability and Technical Efficiency


Dr. Rainer Widmann, Max Planck Institute
“Immigrant inventors and local income taxes: evidence from Swiss municipalities”


Prof. Matt Marx, Boston University
“From Theory to Practice: Field Experimental Evidence on Early Exposure of Engineering Majors to Professional Work”


Prof. Abhishek Nagaraj, UC Berkeley

“The Private Impact of Public Information: Landsat Satellite Maps and Gold Exploration”


Jean Pauphilet, MIT
Interpretable Analytics for Healthcare Operations: New algorithms and implementation


Prof. Melvyn Sim, National University of Singapore

Robust Data-Driven Vehicle Routing with Time Windows


Prof. Erick Delage, HEC Montreal
“Adjustable Robust Optimization Reformulations of Two-Stage Worst-case Regret Minimization Problems”


Prof. Angelos Georghiou, McGill University
Robust Optimization with Decision-Dependent Information Discovery


Séminaire par Prof. Stefan Feuerriegel, ETHZ
“Effective Police Patrolling: A Stratified Monte Carlo Tree Search”


Prof. Margaret Roberts of the University of California, San Diego
“ Censored: Distraction and Diversion Inside China’s Great Firewall?”


Francesca Melillo, KU Leuven
“Shooting Stars? Uncertainty in Hiring Entrepreneurs “


Prof. Elizabeth Webster, Swinburne University of Technology
“Which industries produce most R&D external benefits? “


Prof. Myriam Mariani, Bocconi University
“Trained to Lead: Evidence from Industrial Research”


Prof. Brian Connelly, Auburn University
“CEO Dismissal: Consequences for Competitors”


Par Prof. James A. Evans, University of Chicago
« The Science of Science: What makes science effective?


Prof. Petra Moser, NYU Stern
“Go North! Unintended Effects of Immigration Quotas on Science and Invention”


Naïk Londono, David Baur, AELER Technologies SA Matthew Reali, Masoud Talebi Amiri, PONERA Group
Swiss Logistics Day: Logistics of the Future, Intelligent Container & Palette


Prof. Sophie Bacq, Northeastern University
“In(conspicuous): Immigration and visibility enhancing strategic choices of informal economy entrepreneurs “


Prof. Carina Lomberg, Technical University of Denmark
“The Burnout Epidemic—How Burnout Spreads Across Organizations”


Prof. Michela Giorcelli, UCLA
“Business-School Education and Its Effects on Manufacturing Industry Performance”


Prof. Samina Karim,  Norheastern University


Prof. Paola Criscuolo, Imperial College London
“The sequence effect on the selection of R&D Projects”


Prof. Fabiana Visentin, University of Maastricht & Prof. Paula Stephan, Georgia State University
“Research Talks on Science Funding”


Prof. Frank Dobbin, Harvard University
Seminar organized in collaboration with UNIL-HEC
“Does Diversity Management Increase Diversity? Evidence from Industry and Academia “


Prof. Immanuel Bomze, University of Vienna
“Robust clustering in social networks”


Séminaire par Dr. Dominique Guellec, OECD
“Innovation policies in the digital age”



15.01.2015 Jean-Luc Arregle, EM Lyon Business School*
“The Semiglobalization Effect: MNES’ Internationalization Patterns and Technological Advantage”
15.01.2015 Riikka Mirja Sarala, University of North Carolina at Greensboro*
“A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Knowledge Transfer in Mergers and Acquisitions”
16.01.2015  José Mata, Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon*
“The Termination of International Joint Ventures: Closure and Acquisition by Domestic and Foreign Partners”
16.01.2015 Tal Simons, Tilburg University*
“There is no beer without a smoke: Community Cohesion and neighboring communities’ effects on organizational resistance to anti smoking regulations in the Dutch Hospitality Industry”
 16.01.2015  Prof. Fernando Suarez, Boston University
“New approaches to examining the production of science?”
05.02.2015 Tobias Hahn, KEDGE Business School*
“Ambidexterity for Corporate Social Performance”
06.02.2015 Patrick Haack, University of Zürich*
“Corporate Responsibility as Myth and Ceremony: Bad, but not for Good”
06.02.2015 Juliane Reineck, Warwick Business School*
“A Model of Corporate Responsibilization for Wicked Problems. Linking Companies to a Humanitarian Crisis”
 06.02.2015  Prof. Suzanne de Treville, University of Lausanne
“Gaining competitiveness from lead time: A quantitative-finance approach”
13.02.2015 Gigi Wang, Stanford-Venture Lab
“Innovative Digital Business Models”
16.02.2015 Prof. Bezalel Gavish, Cox School of Business
“Warranty Policy Impact on Net Revenues as a Function of Part Replacements and Optional Purchases”
18.02.2015 Prof. Kenneth Young, Purdue University
“Science and the Mobility Discount: Evidence from Initial Public Offerings”
19.02.2015 Prof. Yuri Levin, Queen’s School of Business
“Quantity Competition in the Presence of Strategic Consumers”
04.03.2015 Jorge Walter, The George Washington University*
“Prior experience, bargaining power, and exclusivity in technology licensing agreements”
Host(s): Xavier Castañer
12.03.2015 Sim B. Sitkin, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business*
“Crafting theory that matters: Drive for testable understanding and the impact will follow
13.03.2015 Prof. Charles Dhanaraj, IMD
“Evolution of Multinational R&D in Emerging Markets”
16.03.2015 Dr. Georg Licht, Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung
“Incentive effects of joint programming – the case of the EUROSTARS programme”
26.03.2015 Prof. Yan Cimon, Université Laval, Quebec
“The evolution of industry-level Business Models in manufacturing: a multi-industry perspective”
 27.03.2015  Dr. Stefanie Haustein, University of Montreal
“Scholarly communication and social media: should tweets be used to measure research impact?”
10.04.2015 Prof. Dovev Lavie, Technion
“The Contingent Value of the Dedicated Alliance Function”
16.04.2015 Swiss Logistics Day 2015 – Portes Ouvertes de l’IML
20.04.2015 Prof. Anne Parmigiani, University of Oregon
“Friends and Profits Don’t Mix: The Performance Implications of Repeated Partnerships”
22.04.2015 Jacopo Bizzotto, UiO, Oslo*
“Contingent Payments and Certification Quality”, Host(s): Simona Grassi
29.04.2015 Philipp Meyer-Doyle, INSEAD*
“How Performance Incentives Shape Individual Exploration and Exploitation: Evidence from Micro-data1”, Host(s): Xavier Castañer
05.05.2015 Daniel Neicu, KU Leuven
“Thanks, but no thanks: Companies’ Response to R&D tax Credits”
 13.05.2015  Kateryna Chepynoga, HEC Lausanne*
“The drivers of unaffordable medication against chronic diseases in developing countries: procurement, retail price or both”
20.05.2015 Prof. Bart Clarysse, Imperial College London
21.05.2015 Prof. Joachim Henkel, Technische Universität München
“Value capture in hierarchically organized value chains”
27.05.2015 Stefano Bianchini, University of Strasbourg – BETA
“The economics of research, consulting, and teaching quality: theory and evidence from a technical university”
01.06.2015 Prof. Jorge Tarzijan, Catholic University of Chile
03.06.2015 DJ Saul, Mattan Griffel & Marc Gruber
“Guerilla Marketing and Growth Hacking”
03.06.2015 Daniel Beunza, London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science*
“From artifacts to institutions: A materiality-informed account of change in the responsible investment field”
Host(s): Guido Palazzo
10.06.2015 Max Wirz, HEC Lausanne*
“Issuing delay and the granularity of debt”
10.06.2015 Prof. Bruno Cirillo, Skema Research Center
“Technological Search through Corporate Spinouts in the U.S. Information and Communication Technology Industry, 1975-2008”
11.06.2015 Philippe Déborah, HEC Lausanne*
“Making sense of environmental actions in time and space”
12.06.2015 Dr. Benedetto Lepori, University of Lugano
“Competition for talent. Country and organizational-level effects in the internationalization of European higher education institutions”
15.06.2015 Prof. Liliana Doganova, Mines ParisTech
“The performativity of valuation devices: business models and the renewal of markets”
22.07.2015 Prof. Erick Delage, HEC Montréal
“Linearized Robust Counterparts of Two-Stage Distribution Problems”
02.09.2015 Max Wirz, HEC Lausanne*
“Delay as a nancing friction: Evidence from the 2005 Securities Oering Reform”
09.09.2015 Prof. Lena Tsipouri, University of Athens
“The Greek crisis Under the lens of innovation Policy”
18.09.2015 Prof. Neil Pollock, University of Edinburgh
“How Industry Analysts Shape the Digital Future”
 24.09.2015 Prof. Jonathan Story, INSEAD
Global energy futures and country risk”
 02.10.2015 Gianluca Tarasconi, Bocconi University
“EP Register for Patent Data Analysis”
07.10.2015 Jeffrey Kuhn, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
“Does Patent Scope Affect Cumulative Innovation? Evidence from Claim Narrowing During USPTO Examinations”
07.10.2015 José Mata, HEC Lausanne*
“Temporary investment incentives and divestment by foreign firms”

Dr. Benjamin Balsmeier, KU Leuven

“Independent Boards and Innovation”

23.10.2015 Prof. Andrea Mina, University of Cambridge
“The Soft Company Business Model of High-Tech Growth”
06.11.2015 Prof. Francesco Quatraro, University of Torino
“Eco-innovations and firms’ market value: a micro-econometric analysis of European data”
13.11.2015 Prof. Cristina Rossi, Politecnico di Milano
“TMT organization and opportunity exploitation: An organizational configuration approach”
18.11.2015 Prof. Ari Ginsberg, NYU Stern
“Learning from Unusual Success: How Exit Attainment Discrepancy Influences Venture Capital Investments in an Emerging Sector”
18.11.2015 Ryall Michael, University of Toronto*
“Value Capture Theory: A Strategic Management Review”
Host(s): Jean-Philippe Bonardi
25.11.2015 Dimitrija Kalanoski, HEC Lausanne*
“Horizontal acquisitions, joint-ventures and competitive dynamics in industrial markets”
02.12.2015 Emilio Marti, Cass Business School, City University London*
“Institutional maintenance by filling the space of critique: How critics stabilize financial regulation in the United States”
Host(s): Patrick Haack
15.12.2015 Dr. Gianluca Misuraca,  Information Society Unit of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
“Envisioning Digital Europe 2030: Towards Policy Making 2.0.”


20.01.2014 Prof. Michael D. Ensley, Michael Ensley, Executive Assessment Institute
“Reflections on business model innovation”
19.2.2014 Mark Dusheiko (HEC Lausanne)*
“Can information technology and greater patient choice improve health care efficiency? The impact of an electronic booking system on outpatient non-attendance”
04.03.2014 Prof. Andrew Hoffman, University of Michigan*
“The Culture and Ideology of a Social Consensus on Climate Change”
Host: Jeffrey Petty
17.03.2014 Prof. Julia Lane, Senior Managing Economist, American Institutes for Research
“New approaches to examining the production of science?”
31.03.2014 Dr. Evangelos Syrigos, University of Zurich
“Managerial Evaluation of Resource Value – Standalone Value, Complementary Resources, and Market Structure”
04.04.2014 Dr. James Thompson, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
“Social Entrepreneurship”
08.04.2014 Prof. Stefan Behringer, University of Duisburg-Essen
“Direct Provision of a Public Good with Many Agents
09.04.2014 Prof. Aharon Cohen Mohliver, London Business School
The Antecedents of Misconduct: Geography of Auditors advice and the Spread of Stock Option Backdating”
Host: Xavier Castaner
14.04.2014 Prof. Natalia Levina, New York University
“Taking a stance on crowdsourcing: Enacting deep commitments to views of reality and knowledge in exploring IT-enabled opportunities for organizing innovation”
16.04.2014 Prof. Veroniek Collewaert, Vlerick Business School
“An Interdependence Theory of Entrepreneurial over Optimism: Evidence from vc-Backed Firms”
16.04.2014 Sarah Stephen, HEC Lausanne*
16.04.2014 Giancarlo Melloni (HEC Lausanne)*
“Value Appropriation Strategies. The Case of Small Entrepreneurial Firms in High-Technology Industries”
30.04.2014 Valeria Cavotta, HEC Lausanne*
Constructing antagonists and protagonists along the relationship between resources, actions and roles. Framing strategies of an institutional entrepreneur in an overtly resistant field
30.04.2014 Michael, Sorell, HEC Lausanne*
“The How, What and When of Capital Structure in Developing and Emerging Markets: A Strategy Tripod Approach”
07.05.2014 Prof. Wong Poh Kam, National University of Singapore
“Performance Feedback, Financial Slack and the Innovation Behavior of Firms”
07.05.2014 Olivier Bertrand (Skema Business School)*
“Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends: The Relevance of Political Affinity for the Bidding Strategy in Cross-Border Acquisitions”
Host(s): Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi, UNIL
08.05.2014 MoT Event – Executive Master in Management of Technology
“Growing a Lean Start-up”
21.05.2014 The Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems Research Day
16.05.2014 Prof. Daniel Kuhn, EPFL
“Distributionally robust joint chance constraints with second-order moment information “
22.05.2014 Prof. Brett Anitra Gilbert, Rutgers Business School
“Entrepreneurs Legitimizing Radical Technologies: A Qualitative Study of Fuel Cell Technology and Industry Emergence”
26.05.2014 Prof. Manuela Hoehn-Weiss, University of Michigan
When Partners Give and Take: How Resource Flows Into and Out Of Alliance Portfolios Affect Firm Performance”
28.05.2014 Caterina Moschieri (IE Business School Madrid)*
Policy risk and divestitures: FIRM-specific and macro considerations”
04.06.2014 Prof. Rick Vanden Bergh (University of Vermont)
Political Strategy in contested stakeholder environments: evidence from the electricity utility sector”
15.09.2014 Prof. Oliver Alexy, Technische Universität München
“Endogenous Resource Revaluation and the Competitive Dynamics of Openness”
 26.09.2014 Prof. Sabine Brunswicker, Purdue University
 23.10.2014 Prof. Jacques Mairesse, Centre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique
“The Relationship between Output and Public Funding in Science: Evidence from the California Institute of Technology”
24.10.2014 Infrastructure Day
10.11.2014 Prof. Denisa Mindruta, HEC Paris
“A Two-sided Matching Approach for Partner Selection and Assessing Complementarities in Partners’ Attributes in Inter-firm Alliances”
17.11.2014 Edmund Phelps, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2006
“Lost Dynamism and Innovation in the West: What Can be Done?”
10.12.2014 Graduation Ceremony – Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Management


08.01.2013 Prof. Jeffrey Petty (HEC Lausanne)*
“From invention breadth to impact: Effects of experience and mindfulness”
08.01.2013 Dr. Florian Ueberbacher (University of St Gallen)*
“Toward a Culture Learning Perspective on Entrepreneurs”
08.01.2013 Dr. Emmanuelle Fauchart (University of Strasbourg)*
“Symbolic projections in Entrepreneurship: An Identity-based Analysis”
Host(s): Déborah Philippe
11.01.2013 Prof. Caroline Flammer (Global Economics and Management, MIT Sloan School of Management)*
“Does Product Market Competition Foster Corporate Social Responsibility?”
11.01.2013 Prof. Yuliya Snihur (IESE Business School)*
“Legitimacy without imitation: How to achieve robust business model innovation”
11.01.2013 Michael Bikard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management)*
“Is Knowledge Trapped Inside the Ivory Tower? Technology Spawning and the Genesis of New Science-Based Inventions”
17.01.2013 Dr. Ad van den Oord, Durham University Business School
“The Relatedness of Technology: Towards a New Measure of Technological Distance”
13.02.2013 MTEI Student seminar : “Empirical Research in the Social Sciences  – Crafting, Using and Analyzing Surveys”
PhD Student presenting: Melvin Haas
27.02.2013 Valeria Cavotta (HEC Lausanne)*
“Sensemaking of Corporate Intervention in Broad Societal Issues: Implications for institutional Change”
 28.02.2013 Prof. Veroniek Collewaert, Vlerick Business School
“An Interdependence Theory of Entrepreneurial over Optimism: Evidence from vc-Backed Firms”
11.01.2013 MTEI Student seminar : “Crime and security in global supply chains – constructing defensible research design”
Discussant: Erik Swars
PhD Student presenting: Toni Mannisto
05.03.2013 Brownbag seminar by Prof. Christopher Tucci: “The Role of Advice Sources for Entrepreneurship and Innovation”
05.03.2013 Specialized Masters Day
Presentation of the MTE Master
08.03.2013 Prof. Filippo Carlo Wezel, University of Lugano
“Being There: Domain Contrast and the Impact of Technological Innovations”
12.03.2013 Prof. Zur Shapira, NYU Stern
“Imprinting, inheritance and potency: A genealogical perspective on industry evolution”
13.03.2013 Isabel Fernandez-Mateo (London Business School)*
“Coming with Baggage: Past Rejections and Future Relationships in Executive Search”
Host(s): Prof. Xavier Castañer, UNIL
20.03.2013 Brownbag Seminar by Dr. Kamal Munir (University of Cambridge)*
“Power and Persuasion: Explaining the Rise of Microfinance”
Host(s): Prof. Guido Palazzo, UNIL
09.04.2013 Prof. Holger Patzelt, TU Munich
“Overcoming The Walls That Constrain Us: The Role Of Entrepreneurship Education Programs In Prison”
17.04.2013 Rashedur Chowdhury (University of Cambridge)*
“A Political Stakeholder Theory Model For Firms’ Engagement Strategies With Marginalized Stakeholders”
Host(s): Prof. Guido Palazzo, UNIL

Valeria Cavotta (HEC Lausanne)*
Transforming trash into gold: the illegal dumping of hazardous waste by the Mafia

25.04.2013 MoT Event – Executive Master in Management of Technology
“Successful Business Models for Start-ups – MoT Event “
01.05.2013 Ulrich Wassmer (Concordia University of Montreal)*
“Collaboration Between Firms And NGOs: An Agency Perspective”
Host(s): Prof. Déborah Philippe, UNIL
03.05.2013 Faculty Workshop on the European Strategy Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SEI)
Coorganized by Prof. Anu Wadhwa
07.05.2013 Prof. André Spicer (Cass Business School, City University London)*
“A Stupidity-Based Theory of Organizations”
Host(s): Prof. Guido Palazzo, UNIL
 13.05.2013 Prof. Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Grenoble University
“Formalized problem-solving practices and the impact of collaborations with suppliers on firms’ innovative performance”
 15.05.2013 Prof. Guido Palazzo, Prof. Ulrich HoffrageProf. Franciska Krings (HEC Lausanne)*
“Time and decision making in organizations”
04.06.2013 PATSTATA introductory worskop
Dr. Julio Raffo, WIPO
05.06.2013 Dr. Hans Frankort (Cass Business School, City University London)*
“Buyer Seller Contact Initiation in Electronic B2B Marketplaces”
Host(s): Prof. Xavier Castañer, UNIL
10.06.2013 Prof. Per Davidsson, QUT Business School
“Part I  ‘Do “Entrepreneurial Opportunities” offer a great future for entrepreneurship research?’
Part II  “In the Head of a JBV Editor”
24.06.2013 Prof. Rosemarie Ziedonis, University of Oregon
“State Governments as Financiers of Technology Startups: Implications for Firm Performance”
25.06.2013 Prof.  Arvidis Ziedonis, University of Oregon
“The Private Value of Patents for Entrepreneurial Ventures: Evidence from Medical Devices, Semiconductors, and Software”
 11.07.2013 Prof. Stuart Graham, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Do Inventors Value Secrecy in Patenting? Evidence from the American Inventor’s Protection Act of 1999”
 09.11.2013 Prof. Dirk Czarnitzki, KU Leuven
“Counterfactual impact evaluation of cohesion policy at the firm level”
 11.09.2013 MTEI Student seminar : “Knowledge Spillovers in the Supply Chain – Evidence from the High Tech Sectors”
Discussant: Stefano H. Baruffaldi
PhD Student presenting: Olov Isaksson
 24.09.2013 Dr. Gaétan de Rassenfosse, University of Melbourne
“Why do patents facilitate trade in technology? Testing the appropriation and disclosure effects”
 07.10.2013 Prof. Xavier Lecocq, University of Lille 1
“Capabilities of governance structures”
09.10.2013 Adriana Orellana (HEC Lausanne)
“The Private Sector Building Peace in Conflict areas: The Case of Colombia”
Host(s): Prof. Xavier Castañer, UNIL
16.10.2013 Prof. Brian Tiemkes (VU Amsterdam)*
“The Effect of Individualism on Opportunism Propensity in International Strategic Alliances”
Host(s): Prof. Xavier Castañer, UNIL
28.10.2013 Prof. Giacomo Negro, Emory Goizeta Business School
“Category Signaling and Reputation”
30.10.2013 Prof. Antonio Vaccaro (IESE Business School, Barcelona)
“Mafia’s driven Moral Distortion: Insights from Sicily”
Host(s): Prof. Guido Palazzo, UNIL
06.11.2013 MTEI Student seminar : “The Fate of Patents: An Exploratory Analysis of Patents as IPO Signals of Reputation Advantage”
Discussant: Markus Simeth
PhD Student presenting: Ali Mohammadi, School from Politecnico di Milano
15.11.2013 Infrastructure Day – Energy
with Doris Leuthard, Federal Councillor
15.11.2013 Prof. Samina Karim, Boston University
“Structural Recombination and Innovation:   Unlocking Internal Knowledge Synergy through Structural Change”
 18.11.2013 Prof. Michael Heeley, Colorado School of Mines
“Capturing Value Through Patenting: An Exploration Of Dense Versus Dispersed Patent Portfolios”
18.11.2013 Prof. Sharon Matusik, Colorado School of Mines
“Breaking Away: Strategic Action in the Face of Countervailing Norms and Contagion”
20.11.2013 Prof. Simona Grassi (HEC Lausanne)*
“Information Acquisition, Referral and Organization”
 27.11.2013 José Mata (University Nova from Lisbon)
“Entrepreneurial Firms Created Abroad: Liability of Foreignness and Survival”
Host(s): Prof. Simona Grassi, UNIL
 04.12.2013 Prof. Tomaso Duso, Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
“Ex-Post merger evaluation in the UK retail market for books”
 04.12.2013 Prof. Andrew Newman, Boston University*
“Loopholes and the Evolution of Contract Form”
Host(s): Prof. Simona Grassi, UNIL
 12.12.2013 Prof. Yuan Ding, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
“Making sense of financial information by sophisticated users: The case of R&D reporting”
 17.12.2013 Prof. D. J. Wu, Georgia Tech
“IT Knowledge Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Enterprise Software”
18.12.2013 Amer Maistriau Estefania (University of Geneva / HEC Lausanne)*
“To What Extent does Negative Public Exposure on Environmental Issues Increase Environmental Performance?”


24.02.2012 Prof Xavier Martin (Tilburg University)
“From invention breadth to impact: Effects of experience and mindfulness”
16.03.2012 Dr. J.C. van den Bergh VU University
Directive Deficiencies: How Resource Constraints Direct Opportunity Identification in SMEs
21.03.2012 Haxhi Ilir (University of Amsterdam)*
“The cross-national diversity of codes: An actor-centered institutional perspective”
Host(s): Déborah Philippe
27.03.2012 Prof. Paula Stephan (Georgia Tech University)
“Present and future of the American academic research system and potential problems: Lessons for Switzerland?” (Abstract)
28.03.2012 Prof. Paula Stephan (Georgia Tech University)
“The Contribution of the foreign Born and the GlobSci project”
02.04.2012 MTEI Student seminar : “Crime and security in global supply chains – constructing defensible research design”
Discussant: Erik Swars
PhD Student presenting: Toni Mannisto
04.04.2012 Katarina Sikavica (Ludwig Maximilians University)*
Host(s): Jean-Philippe Bonardi
“Beyond External Constraints on Expropriation of Minority Investors: How Large Shareholders’ Power and Preferences Affect Firm Valuation”
16.04.2012 MTEI Student seminar : An Empirical Investigation of the Bullwhip Effect–Are Demand Variations Amplified Upstream in the Supply Chain?
PhD Student presenting: Olov Isaksson
Discussant: Prof. Marc Gruber
17.04.2012 Paul A. David (Stanford University)
“Science, technology and climate policy: an introduction”
26.04.2012 Gerry Mcnamara (Michigan State University)*
Host(s): Xavier Castañer
30.04.2012 Paul A. David (Stanford University)
“Design of optimal technological programs for climate stabilization”
02.05.2012 Valeria Cavotta (HEC Lausanne)*
12:00-13:00, UNIL Seminar – salle Extranef 110
07.05.2012 Prof. Nandini Lahiri (University of North Carolina)
07.05.2012 MTEI Student seminar : “Population Sampling in Dynamic Health Care Policy”
PhD Student presenting: Lauren Cipriano (Stanford University)
Discusssant: Chehrazi Naveed
09.05.2012 Andrea Fosfuri (University of Madrid)*
Host(s): Jean-Philippe Bonardi
14.05.2012 Prof. Erwin Danneels (Univ. of Central Florida) (with A. Vestal)
“Firm inventions in geographic clusters: The moderating role of innovative concentration”
16.05.2012 Maurizio Zollo (Bocconi University, Milano)*
“Learning evolutionary change and the integration of sustainability in business models”
Host(s): Xavier Castañer
21.05.2012 Prof Özalp Özer (Univ. of Texas, Dallas)
“Forecast Information Sharing: The Role of Contracts, Behaviors and Timing”
Paper: “Mechanism Design for Capacity Planning under Dynamic Evolutions of Asymmetric Demand Forecasts
Paper: “Trust in Forecast Information Sharing”
25.05.2012 Prof. Howard Aldrich (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
12:00-13:30, Odyssea VIP room 4.03
“What Did Stinchcombe Really Mean? Why Emerging Organizations Die Young “
30.05.2012 Prof. Jeff York (University of Colorado)
“We do what we are: Entrepreneurship as the the expression of values and identity”
31.05.2012 Todd Zenger (Washington University, St-Louis)*
Host(s): Xavier Castañer
04.06.2012 MTEI Student seminar : Service Innovation in KIBS
PhD Student presenting: Andreas von Vangerow
18.06.2012 MTEI Student seminar :  “Dynamic Portfolio Management with Product Life Cycle Considerations”
PhD Student presenting: Ariel Zeballos
22.06.2012 Prof. Xin (Eva) Yao (University of Colorado, Boulder)
“Venture Capitalists’ individual-Opportunity Nexus ans Investment Performance”
25.06.2012 Prof. Sotaro Shibayama (University of Tokyo)
Academic Entrepreneurship and Exchange of Scientific Resources: Material Transfer in Life and Materials Sciences in Japanese Universities
28.06.2012 Prof. Haiyang  Li (Rice University)
Bridging Different Worlds or Stuck in the Middle? The Role of Internationalization in the Product Innovation of Emerging Market Firms
29.06.2012 Prof. Yan (Anthea) Zhang (Rice University)
FDI Spillovers over time in an Emerging Market:The Role of Barriers to Imitation
02.07.2012 Prof. Frank Rothaermel (College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Does Desperation lead to Opportunity? Star Scientists and the Speed of Investment in Radical New Technologies
16.07.2012 MTEI Student seminar : TBA
PhD Student presenting: Naveed Chebrazi
26.07.2012 Prof. Karin Hoisl, Ludwig Maximilians-Universität München
“Gains from Inventor Mobility Revisited – Do Exogenous Moves Matter?”
03.09.2012 Prof. Samir Mahroum, INSEAD
“Towards a functional framework for measuring national innovation efficacy”
14.09.2012 Prof. Marc Gruber, EPFL & Prof. John Dencker, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Workshop: Entrepreneurship and the Unemployed”
01.10.2012 Prof. Stefano Brusoni, ETHZ
Attention control capabilities and decision making performance: An fMRI study of ambidexterity in experienced decision-makers
15.10.2012 Prof. Dirk Martignoni, University of Zurich & Prof. Hart Posen, University of Michigan
“Rubik’s Dilemma: Partial Knowledge and the Efficacy of Learning”
22.10.2012 Prof. Thomas Astebro, HEC Paris
“Business Partners, Financing, and the Commercialization of Inventions”
29.10.2012 MTEI Student Seminar: “Education Diversity and Knowledge Transfers via Inter-Firm Labor Mobility”
PhD Student presenting: Marianna Marino, PhD Student
06.11.2012 Forum Suisse de Logistique 
“Customer service and supply chain”
07.11.2012 Prof. Jacques Mairesse, Maastricht University
“Upstream Product Regulations, ICT, R&D and Productivity”
09.11.2012 1st European Maritime Transport Regulation Forum
“Ports: How to Regulate Logistics Interfaces?”
12.11.2012 Prof. Paul D. Reynolds, George Washington University
“Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies: The Bottom Billions and Business Creation”
23.11.2012 Infrastructure Day 2012
“Verkehrsverlagerung… quo vadis?”
03.12.2012 Prof. Dimo Dimov, University of Bath
“The road more travelled: The entrepreneurial ecology of college textbooks and the Internet”
10.12.2012 Research Day in Management of Technology
by EDMT PhD students and EDMT Faculty


25.01.2011 Prof Wilfred Dolfsma, University of Groningen
“Innovation Failure: Which Capabilities Prevent It?”
18.02.2011 Prof. Richa Agrawal, IIT Madras (CV of Prof Richa Agrawal):
Marketing and Innovation: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
04.03.2011 Prof Joachim Henkel, Technische Universität München: 
“And the Winner Is – Acquired. Entrepreneurship as a Contest with Acquisition as the Prize”
11.04.2011 Prof. Harry Bowen, Queens University of Charlotte:
Testing Moderating Hypotheses in Nonlinear Models
14.04.2011 Prof. Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi University: 
General Technological Capabilities, Product Market Fragmentation and Markets for Technology: Evidence from the Software Security Industry
13.05.2011 Prof. Scott Shane, Case Western Reserve University: 
Genetics of Entrepreneurship
18.05.2011 Prof. David Mowery, Berkeley University:
Learning from one another? International policy “emulation” and university-industry technology transfer
27.05.2011 Prof. Holger Ernst, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management: Sales,
Marketing and R&D Cooperation across New Product Development Stages: Implications for success
30.05.2011 Prof. Giovanni Valentini, Bocconi University:
Cool Again! Spin-Outs and the Rejuvenation of Old-Timers
31.05.2011 Prof. Gautam Ahuja, University of Michigan: 
“Explaining Influence Rents :the Case for an Institutions-Based View of Strategy”
03.10.2011 Prof. Kristian Sund (Middlesex University)
“Do Accurate Perceptions Matter?”
19.10.2011 Prof. Massimo Colombo Prof. Cristina Rossi Lamastra (Politecnico Di Milano)
How do young entrepreneurial ventures in high-tech industries react to the global crisis?
A dynamic capabilities perspective
21.10.2011 Prof. Kelly Shaver (College of Charleston)
“Mind The Gap”: Connecting Individual Resources to Firm Performance
02.11.2011 Dr. Jeffrey Petty (UNIL) *
“Maneuvering the Odds: Venture Capital Decision Making as a Dynamic and Stochastic Knapsack Problem.”
22.11.2011 Prof. Dietmar Grichnik (University of St Gallen)
“Entrepreneurial bootstrapping: Deliberate action or forced reaction?”
23.11.2011 Dr. Estefania Amer Maistrau (University of Geneva) *
“CSR performance & democracy: the market matters”
07.12.2011 Prof. Tomi Laamanen (Helsinky University) *
“The Effects of Market Efficiency and Transparency on the Performance of Cross-Border Acquisitions”
09.12.2011 Prof. Scott Shane (Case Western Reserve University)
“Which Inventors do Technology Licensing Offers Favor for Start-ups?”
16.12.2011 Prof. Koen Heimeriks (Erasmus University Rotterdam RSM)
“Concurrent learning: how firms build multiple corporate development capabilities in parallel”

* Seminars organized by UNIL-HEC


14.1.2022: Alessandro Lucini Paioni (University of Bath, Great Britain)

“Organizational drivers of innovation: The role of workforce agility”

28.1.2022: Louise Lindbjerg (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

“Mind the gaps: How organization design shapes the sourcing of inventions”

11.2.2022: Giacomo Marchesini (IESE Business School, Spain)

“Trials and terminations: Learning from competitors’ R&D failures”

25.2.2022: Pelin Atakan (Ege University, Turkey)

“Learning by (virtually) doing: Experimentation and belief updating in smallholder agriculture”

11.3.2022: Enrico Bergamini (University of Turin, Italy)

“Economic complexity and the green economy”

25.3.2022: Jason Deegan (University of Stavanger, Norway)

“How status of research papers affects the way they are read and cited”

8.4.2022:  Lorenzo Palladini (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

“High risk, low return (and vice versa): the effect of product innovation on firm performance in a transition economy”

22.4.2022: Apoorva Gupta (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany)

“R&D tax credit and innovation: Evidence from private firms in India”.

6.5.2022: Federico Bignone (Université de Bordeaux, France)

“The effect of high-tech clusters on the productivity of top inventors” 

20.5.2022: Stefano Benigni (Imperial College, United Kingdom)

“Organizational learning processes and outcomes: Major findings and future research directions”

3.6.2022: João Maria Jorge (Lund University, Sweden)

“Does the timing of integrating new skills affect start-up growth?” 

17.6.2022: Li Liu (Universidad Carlos III,  Spain)

“The effect of patent protection on inventor mobility”

14.10.2022: George Abi Younes (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)

“Categories, attention, and the impact of inventions”

28.10.2022: Damiano Morando (Imperial College Business School, United Kingdom)

“Digital technologies, innovation, and skills: Emerging trajectories and challenges”

11.11.2022: Egbert Amoncio (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)

“Knowledge diversity and team creativity: How hobbyists beat professional designers in creating novel board games”

25.11.2022: Alberto Corsini (Université Côte d’Azur, France)

“Academic entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial advisors and their advisees’ outcomes”

9.12.2022: Filippo Grillo (TU Delft, Netherlands)

“Complementary components and returns from coordination within ecosystems via standard setting”



1.10.2021: Matthias van den Heuvel, EPFL

“Policy Uncertainty and Innovation: Evidence from Initial Public Offering Interventions in China” (REGIS Seminar – Reading Group for Innovation Studies)

15.10.2021: Julia Mazzei, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy

“How Antitrust Enforcement Can Spur Innovation: Bell Labs and the 1956 Consent Decree” (REGIS Seminar)

29.10.2021: Benjamin Buettner, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

“Inventing the Endless Frontier: The Effects of the World War II Research Effort on Post-war Innovation” (REGIS Seminar)

12.11.2021: Antoine Collin, KU Leuven, Belgium

“Start-up subsidies: Does the policy instrument matter (REGIS Seminar)

26.11.2021: Bastian Krieger, University of Luxembourg and Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung, Germany)

“Public procurement of innovation: Evidence from a German legislative reform” (REGIS Seminar)

10.12.2021: Cecilia Maronero, Université de Bordeaux

“Roadblock to innovation: The role of patent litigation in corporate R&D” (REGIS Seminar)

The EPFL Virtual Innovation Seminar series (EVIS) took place in 2020-21 and were a bi-weekly virtual seminar series focusing on Science, Technology and Innovation topics studied through the lens of Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Finance. Speakers were mainly graduate students and early-career researchers.