Leading with technology in finance

A 5-day course at EPFL for middle and senior managers in the financial sector to learn about the new technologies that are disrupting the industry.

October 7-11, 2024

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Master the tools to successfully implement new innovations and be part of the digital transformation strategy in your company.

The course

Embark on a program, tailored to a non-tech audience, where transformative technologies like Generative AI, Blockchain and Cloud computing get demystified. World renowned EPFL professors and experienced industry practitioners provide a unique overview, focusing on implementation strategies, change management and client-centric thinking, with a strong emphasis on security and regulations. What sets this on-campus course apart is the in-depth exploration of finance-specific use-cases by practitioners experienced in leveraging these technologies in FinTechs or consulting companies, banking or general financial services. 

Participant’s profile

Embrace the future of finance leadership with our executive education course. Tailored for middle and senior managers, entrepreneurs and business experts, this program equips you to harness the latest technologies for career advancement and organizational success.

Stay ahead in a fast-paced industry with our accessible curriculum, designed for busy professionals seeking actionable insights without prior technological expertise.

Curious if this program is right for you?  

Participants have joined us from international banks, central banks, local retail banks and prestigious private banks, IT-service providers, consulting firms, assurance companies and FinTechs.

Any doubt if you have the right profile?  Reach out to [email protected] and we gladly help you further. 


Modules of the program

Digital transformation

Understand the digital transformation that is running through the financial sector and see how key players adapt to this (or not).

Artificial Intelligence

Familiarize yourself with the technology that have disrupted the banking world over the last decades. What can and can’t be done with the technologies behind Artificial Intelligence.


Understand the Distributed Ledger Technology, in particular blockchain. Classify the main crypto assets and learn about NFTs.

Industry jargon

Learn (to use adequately) the jargon and buzz words to increase your impact in the decision-making process. Dive deeper in the technology that is at the core of the disruption and understand how it can and can’t be applied in your bank.


Understand the cloud infrastructure and its security challenges. Should your bank adapt? How can you ensure your data remains protected and secured?

Define your strategy

Learn to identify great opportunities through technologies or partnerships, directly from the experience of industry speakers.

User experience

Why a client-centric approach has made FinTechs so successful and how you can learn to use empathy mappings to make your client’s user journey one to remember.

Implementation tools

Dive deeper in the governance principles handled by modern companies, that allowed them to be successful over a short time. Learn about concepts such as agility and lean startup to make the innovation process more efficient.

Future trends

Finally, hear what technology has in store for the next decades and what the banking of the future might look like.


Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance from EPFL.

The registration fee is CHF 4’900 per person, including networking events.

The next edition of the course will take place on October 7-11, 2024.


Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance from EPFL.

All lectures in this program will be given in English.

You can request our brochure and you will get the program outline as well as practical information on the course. Alternatively, contact us at [email protected].

Yes. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.