Minor in Financial Engineering

The Financial Engineering section offers EPFL Master students the possibility of pursuing a disciplinary Minor in Financial Engineering (FE) . This minor complements the master programs offered at EPFL by providing students with the key concepts and tools of Financial Engineering through the choice of 30 credits of courses


Mention of the Minor FE

The Minor FE will be duly mentioned in the “Diploma Supplement” which is given along with the original Diploma.




The 30 credits of the Minor FE must be obtained before the beginning of the Master Project

  • Open to all EPFL Master students
  • Enrollment requires a preliminary agreement from the Section of origin
  • Through IS-Academia before the end of the first semester of the master program.
  • The Registration Form should be completed by the student and sent to the secretariats of both the Financial Engineering section and the section of origin.
  • Students who have questions regarding their choice of course can contact the FE minor advisor

Some of the financial engineering courses might have a special schedule. Check the “Important information” section of the MFE study plan.


Responsible of the Minor: Prof. Semyon Malamud

Information: Ms. Géraldine Nagel


[email protected]

Odyssea Building, 1015 Lausanne

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