Minor in Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering studies work processes, tools and methods for coping with complex engineering projects. It constitutes an interdisciplinary field that draws both from technical as well as managerial disciplines such as industrial engineering, operations research, control engineering, organizational studies, project management and many more.

What is the Minor in Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering provides a formalized and integrated approach to describing, designing, controlling and/or managing a complex project or system, ensuring that all of its aspects are given adequate consideration. It is therefore holistic in flavor. Systems Engineering comprises numerous sub-fields that relate to different application domains.

The Minor in Systems Engineering is offered to Master students. The curriculum accommodates a number of core courses that develop generic tools and methods useful for all engineers, as well as numerous domain-specific courses targeted at domain specialists and at students who desire to widen the horizon of their knowledge:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Space Systems Engineering
  • Energy and Process Systems Engineering
  • Systems Biology
  • Network Systems Engineering
  • Control Engineering
Mention of the Minor in Systems Engineering

The Minor in Systems Engineering will be duly mentioned in the “Diploma Supplement” which is given along with the original Diploma




Students are encouraged to select all core courses that cover topics they have not yet studied elsewhere. There is also a possibility to undertake an optional project in one of the above engineering domains. Students interested in this option should directly contact the lecturers of the relevant courses in the curriculum.


The Minor in Systems Engineering is open to students enrolled in one of EPFL master programs. Enrollment requires a preliminary agreement from the section of origin.

Registration deadline

Deadline to register in is-academia: end of the first semester of Master studies.


Students must fill out the registration form, give the original to their section of origin and send a copy to the MTE secretariat.


Responsible of the Minor: Prof. Thomas Weber

Information: Ms. Géraldine Nagel


[email protected]

Odyssea Building, 1015 Lausanne

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