Managing Innovation in the Era of Data and AI

Acquire the expertise and tools needed to turn Data and AI uncertainty into a strategic advantage

September 18 – 20, 2024

An interactive three-day course tailored for Managers and Executives aiming to leverage the opportunities presented by Data and AI revolution for their business.

The course

Management teams today face the dual challenge of navigating the hype around AI and Data Transformation while assessing their company’s ability to seize the opportunities.

This course will delve into a conceptual understanding of AI and Data Technologies, to clearly illustrate where the most value lies in these technologies for businesses today. We start by providing you with an understanding of the core Data Science concepts such as Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Transformer Models as well as their applications (such as Large Language Models and text-to-image generation).

From this understanding we identify where the long-term competitive advantage of AI and Data will come from. Together, we will discuss the risks of adapting some of these technologies. We will illustrate their potential with reference to a historical perspective of other breakthrough technologies and place these developments in the larger business landscape.

Then, with the help of case studies, we will demonstrate the integration of AI & Data Science techniques. In doing this, we present a series of tools and methodologies tailored to implement AI and Data Science projects into businesses. We explore the multifaceted nature of Data in business, ranging from topics including Data Governance and Regulation, Data Collection, AI and ML, and Change Management. These examples will enable Managers and Executives to be proactive in the rapidly evolving landscape of modern AI and Data Science.

Towards the end of the course, we examine the ethical challenges companies face in the age of AI and finally, look forward at future developments.

This executive program develops a holistic approach to AI and Data Science, ensuring the seamless execution of data-centric projects in a business context. The aim, ultimately, is to equip participants with knowledge and tools to transform uncertainty in Data and AI to their strategic advantage.

This learning experience is designed with a clear focus on the strategic and managerial aspects of AI and Data Science rather than the technicalities of IT strategy and infrastructure. It is the ideal learning path for those seeking to steer digital transformation and innovation management within their organizations.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational AI and Data technologies such as Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and transformer-based AI
  • Explore practical case studies that showcase growth opportunities and learn the methodologies for integrating these new technologies into your business operations
  • Learn how to initiate pilot projects in your organization and evaluate future business benefits
  • Develop a conceptual framework that evaluates the efforts and risks against the potential benefits
  • Analyze how senior leadership roles can leverage these technologies to navigate through an evolving business landscape, considering cultural shifts, ethical considerations, and sustainability

Participants’ profile

Managers and Executives faced with the challenge of implementing Data and AI Technologies within their companies will find this program invaluable. It is designed for those who seek to gain a deeper understanding of these technologies, their potential opportunities and risks, and their implications for strategy, improved efficiency, people management, and the unlocking of new growth opportunities. 

The program

Exploring AI Fundamentals and Its Capabilities

Day 1

Gain insights into core AI concepts and discover where long-term competitive advantages lie in leveraging AI and Data Technologies for your business.

Practical Applications and Strategies for Data Governance and AI Deployment

Day 2

Learn how to integrate AI and Data Science techniques into business operations through real-world case studies, focusing on effective data governance, regulation compliance, and successful AI deployment strategies.

Navigating the Ethical Landscape and Anticipating the Evolution of AI

Day 3

Delve into the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies and prepare for the evolving landscape by addressing ethical challenges and anticipating future developments.

The experts

  • Andrea Dunbar, Program Director (LinkedIn)
  • Pierre Vandergheynst, Academic Director (LinkedIn)

Data | Business | Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence | Digital Transformation | Innovation Management


The enrollment fee is CHF 2’900 per person, including networking events.

EPFL Alumni are entitled to a discount of CHF 150 when enrolled before August 1st, 2024

The next edition will take place on September 18 – 20, 2024


Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance from EPFL.

All lectures in this program will be given in English.

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