Study plans and regulations

The detailed study plans indicate, for each term, the courses to be followed, as well as available options, together with the number of hours and credits.

Study plan key

The implementation regulations include legal provisions with regard to the successful completion of the exams.

The study plans of minors with specific courses are mentioned at the end of the page.

EPFL Admission examination and Cours de mathématiques spéciales (CMS)

EPFL Admission Exam

Cours de mathématiques spéciales (CMS)

Cours de mise à niveau (MAN)

School of Architecture, Civil, and Environmental Engineering (ENAC)

Projeter Ensemble (PENS)

Architecture Program (AR)

Civil Engineering Program (GC)

Environmental Sciences and Engineering Program (SIE)

School of Basic Sciences (SB)

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program (CGC)

Mathematics Program (MA)

Physics Program (PH)

School of Engineering (STI)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program (EL)

Mechanical Engineering Program (GM)

Microengineering Program (MT)

Materials Science and Engineering Program (MX)

School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC)

Computer Science Program (IN)

Communication Systems Program (SC)

School of Life Sciences (SV)

Life Sciences Engineering Program (SV)

Interfaculty programs

Neuro-X Program (NX) – STI-SV-IC

Quantum science and engineering (SIQ) – SB-STI-IC

College of Management of Technology (CDM)

Financial Engineering Program (IF)

Management of Technology Program (MTE)

College of Humanities (CDH)

Digital Humanities Program (DH)

Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS) and Management (MGT) Courses

HES Gateways

Minors with specific courses

A minor consists of a list of courses for at least 30 credits, which must be acquired individually, course by course. Some minors have a study plan (which you can find below), others don’t and the courses must be chosen together with the minor director, according to the student’s background.

A list of all minors mentioning whether or not they are recommended by the student’s section is located in the Minors file.

EPFL courses in UNIL study plans

Here below are study plans from UNIL including courses given by EPFL teachers to UNIL students or to a mix of both EPFL and UNIL students:

  • Biologie et Pharmacie
  • Géosciences et environnement
  • Hautes Etudes commerciales
  • Médecine (FBM)
  • Sciences forensiques
  • Sciences2
  • Sciences sociales et politiques
  • Théologie et Sciences des religions
  • Lettres