Master’s projects

The Master’s project must be successfully completed within two semesters of the successful completion of the Master’s cycle (or the conditional admission to the Master’s project, if applicable). Should the Master’s project (of a duration of 25 weeks and in industry) serve to validate the engineer’s internship, the deadline is extended to three semesters.

The duration of the Master’s projects done at EPFL is 17 weeks and up to 25 weeks for Master’s projects done outside EPFL, in industry or in another institution, if stipulated in the section’s rulebook. The Master’s projects done at EPFL usually start in the first or second week of the semester, and end during the following exam session. The dates are fixed in agreement between the student and the teacher in charge (if applicable, also with the host company or the host institution).

The Master’s projects can start between January 1 and May 31 for the spring semester. The Master’s projects can start between June 1 and December 31 for the fall semester. The Master’s projects should in any case start on a Monday, and be submitted on the Friday at noon.

The Master’s project can in no circumstances start before the successful completion of the Master’s cycle (or the conditional admission to the Master’s project) has been checked after the exam session (first Monday of the spring semester for the winter semester, and last Monday of July for the summer semester).

The Master’s project must be registered on IS-Academia between the opening of the academic re-registration form (FRAC) and the Friday of the second week of the semester. A late registration fee of CHF 50 is due for a registration after this deadline (the student should come in person to the Student Services Desk).

The one-week holiday for Easter or Christmas is included in the calculation of the duration of the Master’s project (which therefore lasts a minimum of 18 weeks if the Master’s project covers these periods). This also applies to Master’s projects done outside of EPFL, at a company or in another institution.

The oral exam generally takes place within two to four weeks after the date of submission. The date of the oral exam is mutually agreed between the student, the teacher in charge and the external expert.

Any changes to the title of the Master’s project must be submitted to the secretary’s office of the student’s program on the day of the exam at the latest. The title is mentioned in the student’s diploma supplement.

In order for the student to obtain his or her Master’s degree at the graduation ceremony (Magistrale) of the current year (held in early October), the Registrar’s Office must have received his or her grade before the end of September. The student must also have successfully completed the Master’s cycle. In any case, the final transcripts and the diploma supplement will be made available to the student in the days following the successful completion of the Master’s degree.

Here are the main legal documents concerning Master’s projects: