Diploma supplement and degree recognition

The diploma supplement is a document, introduced further to the Bologna reforms (1999), accompanying a higher-education diploma (Bachelor’s or Master’s), providing a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder. It aims to help to understand the student’s progress and to improve the international transparency for another university or for future employer.

It also provides information about the Swiss educational and university system, EPFL in general, and the specific program followed by the student, as well as additional data about the student’s curriculum (number of exchange semesters, role as class representative, involvement in associations, title of the Master’s project, etc.).

The supplement can be downloaded from IS-Academia by the student, for a period of six months following the successful completion of his Bachelor’s or Master’s studies.

EPFL degrees benefit from institutional accreditation and program accreditation for their recognition in Switzerland and abroad.

Additionally, SEFRI publishes information about the recognition of Swiss titles in foreign countries and can also provide certificates to facilitate this recognition in the context of formal procedures.