Prerequisites for matriculation

This page is only for matriculation to a Master’s program (including HES/FHS gateway). For matriculation to CMS to a Bachelor’s program, please check the appropriate page based on your prior education.

Applicants accepted to a Master’s program at EPFL (including HES/FHS gateway) must provide us with the required academic documents (see exact requirements for a diploma from a Swiss University or a foreign University education) before they can complete the matriculation process.

To do so, they submit the form ‘Prerequisites for matriculation (Master)’, the URL of which is available in the admission email.

The form allows one to:

  • upload (in PDF format) the documents in original language or to communicate to us that they will be sent to us by the University that issued them
  • upload (in PDF format) the certified translation of these documents (if required)
  • give us the email address of the competent office of the University for the authentication of the documents (if required)

Only forms accepted by EPFL make it possible to matriculate and obtain the student card. Matriculation is not possible until EPFL has confirmed the reception and authentication of the documents. If the form is rejected by EPFL, all the information is deleted a new complete form must be submitted. No matriculation is possible after the 30th of September.

The form is accepted when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • All the required documents in original language (transcripts and certificates if required) are included in the form or sent out by the University
  • The certified translation (in French or English) of the documents not written in an official Swiss language (French, German, or Italian) or English is included in the form
  • The documents in original language included in the form can be authenticated by EPFL

The authentication of the documents is obtained by EPFL from the University by one of the following means:

  • online document verification system (e.g., QR code, qualified electronic signature, secured platform)
  • contact via email with the competent office of the University (if it does not have an online verification system)