Insurances for housing

Household insurance


This insurance covers water damage, broken glass and theft (including theft occurring outside the home) in your apartment or a neighbour’s flat (for water damage only).


This insurance, although not mandatory, is strongly recommended and almost always required by rental agencies and student halls when renting an accomodation.

Good to know:

  • This insurance is inexpensive and offers good protection.
  • This insurance is often included in student halls’ contracts.
  • Such a contract can be cancelled in writing by giving 3 months’ notice before the end date.

Fire insurance


  • Insurance in case of fire (explosions, smoke etc.)
  • Insurance in case of natural disaster (falling rocks, avalanches, storm, hail, etc.)

: Compulsory in canton Vaud (not in canton of GE / VS / TI / UR / SZ / OB / AI).

Good to know:

At some point during your stay, you will receive a form from the Cantonal Insurance office (ECA) asking you to declare the value of your household goods. If you live in a furnished apartment, check with your landlord that the furnishings are already covered by his/her policy. You can then fill in the form listing only the value of your personal items (don’t forget laptops, CD’s, musical instruments or other valuable goods). Don’t underestimate this amount, as the insurance is really not expensive.

Third part liability insurance

Please see on this page.