Maintain balance

Studying at EPFL is like running a marathon. Taking care of yourself and your brain is important to succeed every step of the way.

The 7 pillars of well-being detail 7 interconnected aspects of self-care. To feel good in your life as a student, each of these aspects should be satisfying, in order to maintain balance.


Emotional balance is important to health in general, not to mention your studies and social life. Achieving it means managing stress and anxiety, staying on top of school work, taking time for yourself, and so on.


Expand your knowledge, be creative, satisfy your curiosity about new subjects, learn how to plan out and organize your schedule, and work in a regular manner: these are the keys to success.


Every day, make sure you’ve set aside time for yourself in addition to your studies. Get up and move, exercise, eat healthy, meet your body’s sleep needs, and don’t forget to relax and enjoy life.


Developing and maintaining a network of friends is a key part of well-being. Our social ties let us share good times and are a source of support when we need it most.


Take the time to examine your personal values and choose the direction of your studies in line with what you want to contribute to society. This will help you stay motivated to keep up with your studies and day-to-day tasks.


Deciding and planning out the financial resources you require and sticking to your budget will help reduce stress while you’re studying.


For some of you, coming to EPFL also meant moving to a new country, discovering a different culture or learning to live alone. This is a whole new stage in your life. Learning to face these challenges and be comfortable with your surroundings will contribute to your academic success.



Social consultation

Social advisors are available to offer you support, work with you to find personalized solutions and refer you to the right specialists if necessary.