Timetables for courses and exams

Course timetable

The course timetable is available on the IS-Academia portal from early August for the autumn semester and early January for the spring semester (before subject registration opens).

A change of classroom, schedule, or lecturer may occur at any time. Please consult your course timetable on IS-Academia frequently.

Changes for major events such as Balélec are made several weeks in advance.

Exam timetable

The scheduling of exams taking place during the semester is organized by the teacher in charge of the subject (e.g., written or oral exams, study projects, semester projects). It is communicated at the beginning of the semester.

The timetables for all exams conducted during an exam session (winter and summer, oral and written) are set by the Registrar’s Office and, after validation by the teachers, posted on the IS-Academia portal. The date of publication is given in the academic calendar.

In principle, the timetables cannot be modified after publication. However, if all registered students sign an agreement and have it handed to the teacher by a class delegate, the teacher may, if he so wishes, check with the Registrar’s Office to see whether it is feasible.

Changes of classroom or schedule may occur at any time, so please check your timetable throughout the exam period.